About Our Family

I’m Meg, he’s Tim.  We are your average early thirties, Unitarian Universalist, quasi granola parents trying to figure it all out.  We have a 2 year old named Silas (Boo, Babaloosky, Silvano P…  we love him too much to call him one thing) and a daughter who will be one in May, Maren (bella, bambina, sweet pea).

We’re into the great outdoors, festivals and parks, locavore and foreign eateries, diner breakfasts, and other young families who understand how important it is to wrap up the party by 7pm for the sake of bedtime preservation.  We are minimalists and purists, generally speaking, and we love to keep life simple.

Follow our adventures in parenting babies a year and a half apart, babblings about life’s meaningful questions and struggles, renovating our old four square in downtown Bloomington, and attempting to strike the balance between work, play, and all the mess in between while doing our best to raise a sweet, simple family.



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