9 months/27 months

These babies are hilarious.


STORIES:  Si is a riot these days.  He is speaking in sentences of four or five words, and he’s fixated on the funniest things.  He got bit by a stink bug right next to his eye and we flushed it with water by hanging him baptism style over the claw foot tub.  The following week and a half he would randomly holler “bug!  eye!  hurts!  water tub.  ow!  all done!”  or something along those lines.  Then I was starting dinner on Valentine’s Day and I heated a pan that had a little coconut oil in it.  I threw in a pat of butter and POOF the whole thing burst into flames two feet high.  I screamed like a five year old and Tim took the pan outside, flaming like a flambe gone wrong all the while.  Silas is still telling every person he sees “pan!  hot!  fire, smoke, beep beep beep!  mommy AHHHHH!  daddy fix it.  pan outside.”  Thanks, kid.  Way to keep it on the down low and make me seem like a stellar cook.  He redeemed himself by singing a little Beethoven at Maren’s well baby check and impressing our pediatrician.  Thanks, Peg+Cat!

STATS: weighs 28 and a half pounds, 35 inches tall

LOVES:  Playing music and cooking at Karma and Elizabeth’s house, turkey sandwiches, steamed broccoli, dried fruit strips, ice cream, cereal, bath time (but is afraid of the shower since accidentally turning it on), singing so many songs with all syllables and almost no correct words.  He’s not tone deaf, so we can usually pick up what he’s putting down!

HATES: Limits of any kind.  Having just one of something (medicine, vitamins, popcicles).  Being told it’s time to leave the old house/new house/library/wherever.   He’s so two these days.


STORIES:  Mare is on her hands and knees rocking back and forth all day long. She’s so ready to go!  She pulled up to standing this week a few times and did downward dog a few times as well.  She’s pretty motivated by Silas, the cat, or any kind of food to attempt to crawl.  Still crawling backward and crying about being stuck once she’s wedged against the couch or wall.  She sings when I sing, she dances when Silas sings.  The girl has moves.  She’s so funny.  She loves music as much as Si does.  I love having musical babies!

STATS: Holding steady at 20 pounds and 27.5 inches long

LOVES: Food!  Steamed broccoli, veggie straws, baked sweet potatoes, pasta, literally anything that Silas is eating.  We just sort of give her food from our plates and let her go to town.  She ate part of Si’s peanut butter sandwich this week, so apparently we are in the clear for nut and wheat allergies.  She really doesn’t like anything sweet–no fruit unless you really catch her in a good mood.  She will take a dried fruit strip or a prune, but no fresh fruit except a little banana now and then.  What’s not to like about fruit??  She’s not starving by any means.  I think she could survive just off the stickers, clementine peels, and crackers she finds on the floors.

 HATES: Medicine time, the nebulizer, having her face wiped, the car seat (still), sleeping at the new house, being out of eye shot of mama at any time.

After we get unpacked and I find my battery charger, I’m going to take some good photos of the babies.  Sorry the blog has been so devoid of photos and real posts these last few transition months.

We will be changing to a new blog in the near future.  This one will stay for the sake of archives, but we will be using another page with more consistent content and a different name.  Stay tuned if you want to.


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