The funk.

We have had a weird week. We started the week with trips to see the doctor three days in a row for ear infections for both kids, bronchitis for Silas and RSV for Maren. Scary crap. I will be the first to welcome Springtime and fresh air with open arms.

We have had the funk for damn near the whole winter. It’s starting to give me a bad mom complex. Thank god every other mom I know has sick children, too. I mean that in the most loving of ways. You know your friends love you when they send you things like this hilarious article to make you feel better. And I did order oils!!

If any of you are considering dabbling in essential oils, do it. Make sure they are high quality (DoTerra or Young Living). Marjoram stopped Silas’s night coughing literally immediately. Like he woke coughing six times in a half hour, I put it on the bottoms of his feet, and bam. Not one cough all night. Magic. Also, my sister is a hideous sleeper who wakes several times a night and doesn’t sleep long ever. My cousin’s cool wife directed us to vetiver oil. <<thanks! Blair! Boom. The first great night's sleep in several weeks. I don't know why I keep being so surprised when they actually work. Anyway. Try one or five. They are changing our lives. We also have the Hyland's homeopathic kit and kid kit, both of which I swear by. Worth the investment. Note: if you want to get into homeopathy without dropping $100, just order the kid kit at first. They are the same strength as the other kit, and the kid directions come in the book with it (awesome resource) but the grown up dosages are on the bottle labels.

We are making strides on the house this weekend. The flooring arrived friday, so that's a project for next weekend. Yesterday I unpacked the kitchen stuff and got it all put away. Feels nice! We also painted Silas's room, patched and painted Maren's room, and Tim painted the master bedroom yesterday. We were on our A game, thanks to some Starbucks half caff.

We celebrated Valentine's Day casually. I am sick with a nasty cold, we worked on the house all day yesterday, and we came home to cook filets and drink wine. It would have been lovely, but by the time we got two sick kids settled into bed, it was all cold. Oh well. Karma and Elizabeth came down for some good laughs and some even better biscotti with dark chocolate dipping sauce. Me-ow. It was amazing!

Tim got me a few presents from my wish list for the house. So sweet. We now have a claddaugh door knocker and a white porcelain Buddha head essential oil burner. I'm in love. I booked Tim a massage with our favorite massage therapist on the planet, Monica at Mar Don Salon. We have missed her dearly. I slacked this year and got less than stellar cards. I also forgot that I had children and didn't get them anything. I love Valentine's Day! I don't know what's wrong with me. Guess I just got lost in all the germs around here. It was hard to get out of the house this week, to say the least.

Up next for us: flooring on Saturday. Yay! We will finally move in after the floors are in downstairs and the two bedrooms are refinished upstairs. It seems like three months away.


2 thoughts on “The funk.

    • We only have a few, I was afraid to order several because I thought I would get overwhelmed. But so far, we love them! We have the OnGuard and Breathe blends, marjoram (diluted with frac. coconut oil for Silas), and a few other cheap versions that we plan on replacing. Get one! Next for us is basil oil since Mar seems to be an ear infection kid…

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