Four Square: Week Two

This weekend was hectic and really fun for me.  My parents came down and–surprise!–brought Kait and Oliver, too.  Silas was thrilled, and so were we!  Lots of laughing and projects and choo choos going on.

We had big plans Saturday… the kind involving a uHaul truck and several appliances.  Tim and Dad did a roundup of a washer and dryer, giant tv cabinet, table saw and bead board purchases, and full size desk from Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  That place is a goldmine for furniture projects, and they have color coded sales all the time.  Our huge desk ended up running us a whopping $12 after the 60% off green tag.  I was giddy!  We also squeezed in loading and unloading a round of belongings and dropped them at the new house before we had to return the truck, so that should cut the official move in half.  Woop woop.  Tim also surprised me and got the dining room light fixture, hooked it up, and got rid of the other one while I ran errands.

It was especially helpful to have Mom and Dad here because Silas was under the weather (again) and we thought he had croup.  Poor Silas.  He got the crappy lung genes from both sides and if something’s in the air, he gets it.  You’d think he only eats crackers and gets no nutrients the way he has been sick this winter.  I feel like a bad mom.  And YES, I WIPE DOWN THE SHOPPING CARTS.

After the Urgent Care visit on Sunday, we found out it’s just a wicked chest cold (which he shared with me and Mare–yipee) as well as a double ear infection.  Found that one out right after I said “he’s my respiratory issue kid–he never gets ear infections, but Mare does”.  Yup.  Karma.  He is much better today and his fever is gone finally.  We are using marjoram and the Breathe blend of DoTerra oils, and they are working splendidly for nighttime coughing.

Today, all the HVAC work began at the new house, so we will have all new ductwork, a reconfigured and more efficient furnace, and an air conditioning unit by the end of the week.  We had gutters cleaned out and new guard put on yesterday.  The flooring comes midweek and will start this weekend.  We’re still hoping to be fully moved in by the end of the month.  In fact, we will probably start staying there on and off in the next week or so.  It was rough to drive a half hour back to the woods after Urgent Care yesterday knowing we could have been home in a mere mile.


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