Four Square: Week One

This week (yes, I know it’s only Wednesday) has been productive.  We nerdily admit that we can’t wait for the weekend to be able to work more on the house.  On Monday, Mary Kay and I deep cleaned the downstairs, including floors, cabinets and behind appliances.  We also finished trimming out some painting projects and updated a few light fixtures with shade swaps.

Tuesday, Tim dropped us off in the morning and took us home midday.  While we were there, I patched the (1000) holes in our master bedroom walls, painted all of the kitchen cabinets, and measure for flooring.  Tim consorted with the HVAC guy (we had three companies give us quotes, so it was time to pick one) and did some scheduling.  It looks like our new ductwork, AC unit, and furnace will be finished by the end of next week.

This brings us to flooring!  It’s the last thing on the list before we move in.  Two of the four bedrooms upstairs are not refinished, so they need some attention.  We are ordering downstairs flooring today, which we intended to do last week as soon as we closed since it is being shipped.  We were a little iffy on the kitchen floor being wood as well, so we held off for a few days.  We have decided not to do wood in the kitchen, so now it’s ordering time!  We are taking a trip out West this summer, so we are using Chase’s Sapphire card (Tim researched cards exhaustively–finance major!) and we will put the flooring and HVAC work on that card and immediately pay it off with a little bonus of two plane tickets.  Booyah.  We rarely play the credit card game (and yes, it is a game), but we are this time around since we know we already have the money to pay it off the same day.  Living on one mediocre income, the thought of free airline trips gets us all atwitter.

Speaking of money, I have had the most exhilarating craigslist week of my life.  Well, one of them.  I’ve had a lot of those.  We found a year old high efficiency Maytag washer and dryer, my dream dishwasher (Whirlpool Quiet Partner–seriously, we have had three, and no rinsing dishes required), a long skinny coffee table, and a solid wood mission style tv cabinet for a whopping total of $450.  YEAH!  I would have willingly paid more than that for any one of the appliances or cabinet.

 We need some feedback.  Has anyone used Formica 180FX synthetic stone counters?  Know anyone who has?

This weekend we hope to be painting the laundry room, Master bedroom, and Si’s room, hooking up the washer and dryer, swapping out the dishwasher, and bead boarding the downstairs bath ceiling.  My parents work at the speed of light, so we will probably get most of these done on Saturday and take a breather on Sunday.  We are trying to temper our excitement about projects with built in down time since we spend the weeks with long hours and two babies.  Last time we were doing this, we had one baby (he was the exact age that M is now!) and Tim was home three days a week.  Crazy.

I can’t begin to tell you how eager I am to unpack the boxes that have been packed since October.  I’m not sure if I’m more excited to find our toothbrush heads or to finally have more than one bedroom.  Ok, for sure I want my sleep space back.  All four of us in one room has been downright miserable.


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