Home Sweet (Third) Home

Our third and final home for the next few decades is quite a beast.  The walls have all the markings of a wonky old house, the drywall is ugly in many parts, and the paint colors?  Don’t even get me started.

We closed on Friday afternoon at four and headed out first thing Saturday morning to get paint (11 gallons) and supplies galore.  From 1pm Saturday to 3pm Sunday, we were freakin’ rockstars.  Tim’s parents came for baby back up and we started by patching lots and lots of drywall.  Then, we painted the dining room, kitchen, office/entry, stair well, landing, living room, and downstairs bathroom.  Primer was definitely involved.

There are so many things we love about this house, though.  It has so much space (four bedrooms in town is very, very hard to find), a claw foot tub, a sliding barn door in the bathroom, wood floors upstairs, wide open doorways, a practical kitchen (although we will miss our last kitchen–it was enormous), lovely black and white tile in the upstairs bathroom, a big wooded yard on a corner lot, and walkability to downtown Bloomington.  This house is already the shiz, and we don’t even live there yet.  Before we move in, we are going to lay all of the flooring downstairs (four rooms) and have some HVAC work done.

We are replacing the baseboard and window trim with craftsman trim, so it wasn’t necessary to be meticulous with all of the painting this weekend, which helped a lot with the speed of things.  We are super happy with the colors we picked and the way they look and feel.  It already feels way more like us in there, for certain.  We can’t wait for next weekend to get another handful of things chalked off the list.  We are ordering flooring tomorrow for the whole main level (yikes) and getting organized with a calendar in hand for the rest of the big projects.  My parents will be here next weekend to help, which will be super.

Here she is before we got our hands on her.  Yes, there are currently two front doors.  Thank god, or else it would have been out of our price point.




And after paint:







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