Four Square Mood Board

We are feeling so excited about the new house and all of the possibilities it brings. Our first house was the A frame in the woods and, although I liked what we ended up doing, we stuck with a very neutral color scheme for the sake of resale and it felt fresh, but not creative really. Our house in Lafayette was an old Victorian and was so full of maroon wallpaper and carpet that I couldn’t come up with much by way of a color palette by the time we survived two closings in 24 hours, so we stuck with white walls accented with deep green, navy and pops of red. That felt nice while it lasted, but by the time we moved out, I was definitely feeling the blahs about the walls. Our first two houses had me consumed with what the “right” choice was for the color scheme, and I constantly felt conflicted about what other people were doing in their houses and couldn’t decide what I wanted for my own, so I made safe choices.

Enter the four square. We love the old bones of this house. It is a little crooked in places thanks to the enormous pine out front, which we had thoroughly vetted for future issues, but the trade off is immense: a dead end street, FOUR bedrooms in town, walkability to downtown Bloomington, a wooded corner lot that is larger than most, a park and the B line trail a few blocks away, and proximity to the Project School and the Science and Technology Academy. It’s so, so worth it.

I admit the choppiness was a bit of a drawback after two open flooring plans, but for the first time ever, I feel like I know exactly how I want this house to feel and look. The vibe that has emerged feels very “us” and really creative. It’s going to be a wee bit vintage, a little woodsy, a little worldly, a little bit literary, and pretty intentional. Every room will have color except for the two baths (but they have black and white tile) and the flooring will be redone on the whole first level, so that will make a big difference. We don’t like clutter, but we do like things that feel like us, so this house will be a conglomeration of parts of each of us, we hope. My method is to find a room that we love on Pinterest (gathered below) and tape it up in each room.  Over time, the room really does evolve into the same mood as the picture.  It’s amazing what small reminders do for the project list.  Try it!

Screen-Shot-2012-11-07-at-8.32.23-AM.png 299×396 pixels

Our palette, sort of but not really.  We are using a mintier blue green, a darker teal, and red instead of yellow.  So basically none of these, but almost.  I couldn’t find an existing palette that I liked.  Shocker.

Dark Geometric Cushion - Nirwa - Linoluna Store Indonesia

Nirwa pillows… AMAZING!  Find her on Etsy.

great for fall, since I change my decor with the seasons - striped cabbage rose shower curtain  #UrbanOutfitters10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Bathroom | Apartment Therapy.

Black and white bathroom inspiration.  Gorgeous!  I nabbed the Urban Outfitters shower curtain before Christmas.

Sharpie Paint Pen Yellow & Gray Nursery Arrow Feature Wall Complete"You are our Greatest Adventure" nursery wall print by Artist ZoomBooneCreations on BoomBoom Prints

Si’s room inspiration (it’s already painted a deep orangey red color)

triangle statement wallpainted boxes great for all those toys! What a great idea!! This would be a great solution for knitting/crocheting projects too!! :)

Mare’s room–minus the creepy rabbits.

schoolhouse, rocking bedding for fall / sfgirlbybay

Our room.  Vintage floral AND silhouettes?  Swoon.

desk spaceDone Inspirational poster, typography art, wall decor, mottos, graphic design, happy words, giclee art, inspiration, love quote, print

Inspiration for the office.  I’ll let you guess which one Tim picked.

Furniture piece as an island, black windows

I’m obsessed with dark window frames in light kitchens right now.  We don’t have room for an island, though.

map-rome-graphicsfairy002sm.jpg 1,600×1,550 pixels

A little old school Roma in all the right colors

Citrus Floral Print | Rifle Paper Co.

Vintage floral is my jam.  The second is from Rifle Paper Co.  I love them.

BuildDirect®: Jasper Engineered Hardwood - Rustic Ranch Elm Collection

We are using engineered hardwood this time.  Wider planks, not too dark and not too light.  We love it!

I could add about thirty more pictures, so I’ll stop now.  You get the idea.  We couldn’t be more giddy about the prospects.  Six days to closing!

We ran errands yesterday.  It wasn’t glamorous, but it’s done.  Today we are heading to Nashville to watch IU play with some friends and then gearing up for a busy week.  Is it seriously time to start packing again?  Oy.


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