Winter Update

It’s winter in Indiana.  This is usually the time of year that sucks in our house.  But really, it’s been 55 degrees three days in the past week in Bloomington and we are LOVING it.

I forgot to do a weekend update, but this was our first really low key, do what we want sort of weekend since the move and it felt great!  We spent Saturday at Bloomington Bagel Company, the library for some serious choo choo playtime, hit up the park a few blocks from our new house after nap, and strolled the B line trail just up the road from the park.  It was the quintessential Bloomington day.  Sunday we headed to UU service and met a few more cool families (yay), followed by dinner with Karma and Elizabeth.  If you ever have the chance to be a guinea pig for someone working on writing a cookbook, we enthusiastically encourage you to do so.

Anyway, back to winter.  Here are some updates on what we’re up to.

Tim’s Job

We are in the middle of adjusting to Tim’s work schedule (10-6 or later) which ends up feeling like a really long work week even though it’s not.  Thankfully, his hours are changing to an earlier set up in the near future and we will also be living a mile from his office in a few weeks instead of a 25 minute jaunt to and fro.  He really enjoys his clients and has really supportive administrative support, which goes a long way in that field.  All good things.  We will be shifting to an 8-5 work day with an hour to come home for lunch most days, so we’re all excited about that.  It will be nice for the babies and grownups alike to break up the day a little.

The House

We are nearing closing on the new house–next Friday.  We are so excited about this old house!  I will be posting pictures after we close.  She needs some major attention in the paint department and I’m feeling pretty adventurous, so be excited about that.  Tim and I are equally excited about living in town and feeling more connected to this community.  My former nanny family lives a few blocks away, so we will get to have some really easy play dates at the park.  We are also considering cutting to one car for a year.  When I look back at the times I felt the mentally and physically healthiest, I did not have a car and I was walking everywhere.  I am looking so forward to urban life again!  I think Tim is surprised at how excited he is about living in town.  We both like the woods and find nature cathartic, so it has always been a dichotomous struggle about where to live our lives.  We couldn’t be happier about committing to this house for the next few decades (at least).  We are having some HVAC work done (there is no central air!) so we will be waiting a few weeks before we move in.  If all goes smoothly, we will be moving mid February after painting and laying new flooring.

The Babies

We are back to having healthy babies.  Silas is really stir crazy in the woods and asks to go “bye bye” a lot.  He’s heavy into building his own train tracks right now and has a hideous case of the whineys since his bout with the flu.  We’re working pretty hard on that at the moment.  He is a Mickey Mouse fanatic all of a sudden.  Maren is getting yet another tooth and isn’t sleeping, which makes life interesting since we are all in the same room until we move.  She’s finally really interested in table food and Silas won’t stop feeding her whatever he is eating.  I think it’s clear to say she doesn’t have any allergies at this point.  Oh, boy.

The Grownups

Tim and I are having a really good time making plans for the house.  I can always rely on him for excitement about the things he knows I love, (like paint colors and furniture layouts and shower curtains,) bless his heart.  We’re feeling great about our relationship right now and it’s nice to feel like we have got the hang of having two kiddos finally without being easily stressed out.

We have decided to designate one night a week as a no-screen-night.  No phones, ipad, laptop or tv.  This was one of the changes we immediately knew needed to happen when we realized reading a book together for one evening was the best conversation we had had in months.  Less screen time=more conversation.  Or that’s the hope, anyway.  He and I both enjoy talking about meaningful and heavy things that matter to the world.  I know that drives some people nuts.  Good thing I married somebody who likes to hash it all out with me!

We also have way too many shows going right now…  We just finished Homeland season two and Blue Bloods season 3.  We are watching State of Affairs and Castle, and have begun the new season of White Collar that just hit Netflix.  Too much!  We have put Scandal and Downton Abbey on hold for a while.  Our evenings are really limited until Tim’s schedule changes and it’s too easy to watch a show every evening and feel like we are ships passing in the night.

Tim and I are both on the health wagon right now.  He does Piyo every morning and just started an upper body version instead of the total body one he has done for the past 5 months.  I started Pilates again (I’m doing POP Pilates workouts on youtube through Roku and she’s great) and I am considering teaching once I am back to harder routines.  That second baby wasn’t so kind to the ol’ abs.  Jeepers.  My weight is really stubborn when I am breastfeeding, so I don’t anticipate losing much while I am still nursing Maren, but that’s not a great excuse for completely neglecting my physical health.  Sigh.  I have been doing better about planning clean meals for the week, and by meals I mean all of them instead of just dinner.  I find that breakfast and lunch go by the wayside when I am planning the week and that makes it too easy to forget fruits and veggies.

This week, we are loving this red sauce that tastes like legit Italy, these cookies with no sugar, gluten or dairy, this red lentil soup recipe, and this baby body wash.


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