We are sort of hibernating in the woods. Pardon the radio silence.

The word hibernating implies something restful or recuperative. I guess at least we are doing the latter of the two. Silas has had a cold since before the holidays and it was holding on for dear life, so he and his whiney misery are now on an antibiotic.

In the mean time, Mare got her fourth tooth and is enthusiastically testing them out on people food (and on me, unfortunately). She still reacts hideously to puréed foods, so we will be going even more with the baby led feeding approach with her than we did with Silas.

We are adjusting to Tim’s later work days and learning how to enjoy mornings at home. Silas is learning to sleep in a big boy bed pretty successfully and without much drama the past few days. Whew. I am, as expected, totally stir crazy and a little cranky from the woods and the messy house and the kvetching children. The Volvo is in the shop, so that hasn’t helped.  I’m legit grumpy lately.

But you know what DID help? Kenzi’s visit for the last four days. My house has never been so clean, my laundry so sorted, my sides so sore from laughing… And also we watched a lot of Scandal. It was really the best time. We love her.  Tim’s trying to convince her to move here.

This week we are trying to recover our healthy, smiling children while we talk to structural engineers about the new house, pick out flooring samples, and try to stay on top of the mess in our tiny, tiny, tiny living space.  It’s a constant battle and one that, thankfully, is short lived.  We are set to close three weeks from Friday.  Holy cow.

Silas literally just threw a football at Maren’s face and shouted “CATCH!”  That’s so my week.


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