8 months/26 months

We are making some enormous strides in babyland.

Miss M

Weight: 20 pounds
Clothes:  18 months all around with a few 6-12 month Gap and Old Navy outfits thrown in
Diapers: size 3 Target, biggest in the one size cloth GroVias
New Tricks:  Sitting up by herself with no support happened right after her 7 month mark; saying ba ba ba. mamama. dadada; singing, squealing, growling; a little dialogue making noises back at me or Si; rolling over and over to get across the room (lasted about a week); army crawling backward!; spinning in circles on her belly and navigating about a five foot diameter–she can definitely get to a toy if she commits to it; flapping arms and trying to wave; “soooo big” motion with her arms; crying if Si takes her toy; going from sitting to belly and then crying because she is stuck; this past week week, she finally figured out the sippy cup, lots of solid food, and the pincer grasp (but still refuses pureed food altogether)
Sleep:  up at 12 and 4 at night, two 2-hour naps and occasionally a short evening nap
Loves:  choo choos, bath time, her brother, the Tonka firetruck, chewing on the bath foam letters, anybody singing Jingle Bells, pulling Silas’s hair (he usually thinks it’s funny… usually), NOT getting dressed or taking medicine for her ear infection
Teeth:  4, and two more on the way.  Right now she has two (giant teeth) on top, two on bottom

Master Si:

Weight: 31 pounds 27 pounds after his stomach flu 😦
Height: 35 inches (he has grown an inch since November)
Clothes: 18-24 and size 2 pants, size 3 shirts (monkey arms like mama), size 7 shoes
Diapers: size 3 (it’s lovely and hilarious that they wear the same size)
Sleep:  Nighttime is 7-7 and he is still napping 2-3 hours midday
New Tricks: climbing out of the crib (sniff sniff) so he’s now in our bed until we move and have another bed for him, building his own train tracks, narrating his play in lengthy soliloquies, asking for detailed things (“oh!  the other one”, “these, mama”, “all done these, more those”, “bath and daddy and popcicle please” “more firetruck? oh!  there it is! yeah.”), naming colors mostly correctly (I’m not pushing him–he has picked it up from reading books with me at this point), reading books by himself nonstop, identifying every object on every page aloud, making everything plural (blocks-es, stacks-es, chips-es), riding his trike, playing farm with his barn and animals, requesting walks up the lane, asking to go bye bye a lot, which I think means back to our old house.  That’s diminishing, thankfully.
Loves: peanut butter on a spoon (but don’t you dare put it on bread)
Silas has been sick literally since we moved, which was December 12th.  He had a cold, it got better after the holiday and then we got another cold that was nasty.  I ended up taking him in for really persistent green snot last Monday and while we were there I noticed (too late) that he played with the only kid with the stomach flu.  Cue the pukes.  He has been sick for almost five days and is just now on the upswing.  Poor baby.  He was miserable and is seeming super skinny.  I’m happy that his appetite is back in nearly full force and that he is all about playing trains again today.

More pictures to come after I find the camera cord…  This will probably be our last monthly update in the woods.  Weird!  We’ll be urbanites again this time next month.  We.  Can’t.  Wait.


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