2014 in a Nutshell

Just because it’s hard to keep up, here’s our year in a nutshell.


It’s a girl!  Silas learned how to walk (finally) and had his first real snow day.  I made friends intentionally and did a good job!  Tim went back to work after winter break and was gone all week again.  Silas weaned at 14 months.  We discovered Goose the Market in Indy and LOVED it.  I did the first Minimalist Challenge, which I ended up doing two more times throughout the year for a whopping total of more than 1500 items out of our house.  Booyah!



We met Jared and Melissa, our best friends in Lafayette.  Had a long weekend in Indy with Tim’s family.  I started watching the L-P kiddos and was feeling super pregnant…  I now realize how much Silas was still a baby at this point.  Committed to a positive parenting game plan (we adore Janet Lansbury–follow her on FB).  Finally started feeling better about marriage and life in Lafayette after a hard winter.




Spring break trip to Michigan City with Matt and Alyssa and their babes.  Amazing trip!  Low key, wine and conversation and hanging out sort of trip.  I had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions that were freaking me out.



Fell down the stairs and fought off labor for the rest of my pregnancy.  Bummer!  Had to quit my job and stop lifting Silas.  Tim still working out of town and jet setting to seminars while I was jealous and fat at home.

photo 1 (8)


We had a baby!  May 13th, Mare-bear was born at 8 in the morning after back labor and no sleep the whole night before.  She was worth it.  We just love her!  We snapped prego pictures six days before her arrival.  Good thing we didn’t put that off any longer!




June was a blur.  Newborns often do that to a routine.  I have no idea what happened in June.  Except it was Father’s Day and we had our house painted and I was in a huge postpartum funk.

unnamed (5)


Fourth of July with just us in Bloomington–amazing.  Family vacations!  Two of them.




I turned 31 but life was sort of funky, so it isn’t really full of happy memories.  I didn’t get a party organized (I love birthday parties–not necessarily my own, but still) and Tim and I were in a funk.  He quit his job to student teach and it was pretty stressful adjusting to him being around all the time.

photo 2 (10)


The house was constantly a mess.  Tim was home all the time driving me crazy.  🙂  He fell in love with second grade teaching and Silas got to see his first parade in Frankton.

photo 3 (2)

photo 4 (1)

photo 3 (5)


Tim and I did some serious work on our marriage and on the house to get it ready to list.  Surprise!  It sold in 36 hours.  We about died.  Tim’s 34th birthday, Rog’s 60th birthday and subsequent retirement came and went with great excitement.



We did a ton of packing since our closing was set for before Thanksgiving.  Just kidding!  We won’t actually close until December 19th.  We spent a week in the woods and Tim interviewed for work.  It was beautiful and a perfect sidetrack from packing.  Maren got two teeth. Silas turned two and discovered hot chocolate and The Polar Express.



Moved to Bloomington before we closed and held our breath.  Finally closed on our house!    Bought a new house in town within a week of being here.  Tim started his job two days after we got here.  Traveled for eight days to see families for the holidays before we are staying put for several months to work on the new house and enjoy being our own family of four.  Excited about life!


We are so ready for 2015.


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