Times, They Are A-changin’

Let’s recap the last five days.

Thursday, we pre-signed our house away since we moved before closing, Tim did background checks and drug testing for his new job, and I squeezed in an impromptu doctor visit for Maren the day before our move.  Turns out she isn’t sick, she’s just getting FOUR teeth on top and they are all swollen and painful-looking.  Yes, she did just get a tooth last week on the bottom.  Apparently my offspring sprout a mouthful of teeth at 7 months old, because Si did the same thing. Two front teeth for Christmas was simply not enough.  Mare-bear wanted to be ostentatious.

Five o’clock rolls around the night before our move and Kenz comes over to visit just in time for a phone call from Budget.  “Sorry, we don’t have a truck for you in the morning.”  Pardon me?  Apparently UPS had dibs on all the Budget trucks and, well, forget the rest of you jokers who had made reservations two months ago.  Tim.  Was.  Livid.  After bouncing around from person to person about four times and getting some pretty shady responses, I found a uHaul truck an hour away and they just happened to have a 26 footer and just happened to be on a time change and just happened to be willing to wait on Tim to get there. Corporate was supposed to pick it up and never showed, so I’m pretty sure there was some divine intervention there.  Thanks to Kenzi for driving him to get the truck after finishing her exams, which I’m positive is exactly how she wanted to spend her first evening of winter break freedom!  Poor Kenz.

By 7pm, all was well and a giant truck was in our driveway.   FYI, this is the second time in three years we have attempted a Budget truck rental only to be screwed at the last minute.  Just use someone else.  Seriously.  Because a panic attack on top of a delayed moving day is so not worth the forty dollars you’ll save.

Friday we got an early start (thanks, Logie!) and broke down beds and cribs before our help arrived at nine.  It took four hours to load up and we filled a 26 foot truck.  Last time we had two 20-foot trucks, so it feels like a huge accomplishment to have added a child to the brood and still have downsized to one truck.  We are anxious to move even less this next last time!

Once we arrived in Bloomington (I came a few hours earlier when the babies were ready to nap, so I had already begun decorating our house for Christmas–no joke), we had the rest of Friday to relax until the unloading help came Saturday morning at 8.  We used Better Way Movers.  We had them last time for loading and I cannot say enough happy, lovely things about these guys.  They’re courteous, speedy, funny, and willing to help you get your space exactly like you want it in record time.  They had all our belongings unloaded among three levels inside a 2 hour window.  Huzzah!  We’ll use them for loading AND unloading next time and it will be a breeze.  If you have never hired loading/unloading help and you’re moving, trust me when I say it’s worth it.  We pack and drive our own stuff, but we pay for the help.  It’s a few hundred dollars on each end and it’s worth every freakin’ penny.  Take it from us.

Saturday evening Tim surprised me with a ginormous Christmas tree!  You guys, this thing is pushing 11 feet and is the most glorious tree I’ve ever seen.  I’m serious.  She’s a beauty!  Later, Tim drove Rog halfway home to meet Royce since Rog had driven the moving truck down for us.  What a guy–getting that sucker down our lane and back out was a sight to behold thanks to the switchback halfway down.  He did it!  We’re grateful for his CDL license for sure.

Sunday we went to our old church and it was so lovely.  I cried.  People were happy to see us, even people I didn’t realize knew who we were, and Tim met a fellow Cubs fan.  He and his wife have three kids under 6 and are great potential friends for us.  Score!  The babies fell asleep in the car right after, so Timmy and I drove around and looked at about twelve properties.  Depressing.  The one out of town was too far out for me.  The ones in town were way too close to other houses and had no yards at the top of our price point.

We were heading home feeling dejected and Don called.  We love Don!  He’s our real estate savior down here.  “Hey, the 8th street house just dropped in price.  I think we should look at it again!”  We had just gotten done talking about how much space it was for the money. We saw it again yesterday and were sold.

We are putting an offer in today, so we’ll see how it goes.  This house has 1600 square feet, four bedrooms, a big wooded back yard, a corner lot, a spot on a hill on a dead end street, walkability to the farmers market (six blocks away) and all of downtown, and is in our price point with almost all cosmetic repairs.  Don’t get me wrong–there are a LOT of cosmetic repairs, but it’s an old four square and we love her.

The best part?  When we first started house hunting in Bloomington (we lived in Anderson then), we drove down to see this very house.  That’s the day we met Don, and that’s the exact house we considered then but didn’t buy because it needed a ton of foundation/floor leveling work that has since been completed. We came here, saw 8th street, bought the A frame, left, came back to the A frame, and are potentially going back to the house that started it all.  I love how full circle life can be.

In other news, our Lafayette house is closing on Friday (YAY!) and Tim is in training this week for his new job and he LOVES it!  More on that after the holiday.  We leave Thursday night for a week, so I should be packing. I finally finished shopping today and I really need to wrap!

Happy days ahead!


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