7/25 month progress

We have some new tricks that I forgot to post with pictures yesterday but wanted to document for baby book purposes (as in…this IS our baby book.  I don’t keep one).

Silas:  speaking in 3 word sentences, singing entire songs (of which you can’t understand words, but he can carry a tune!  Thank goodness), listing things that he did or saw, answering questions with legit answers, identifying two of something and telling you about it, shaking hands (learned from The Snowman), fetching things based on colors or “other” directions, loving the tiny tree he decorated and exclaiming “thank you mama tree!” at least three times a day.

Maren:  high pitched singing going on, two teeth!, lots of hair, ready for her to start sleeping at night again after two teething rounds and a stomach bug, flipping to her belly constantly, shaking her toys to make noise, giggling at Si, loving the bath and Baby Bjorn but not the Ergo, peekaboo, not interested in any sort of human food whatsoever, so over the paci and still boycotting a bottle.  Generally the happiest baby ever… until she’s pissed, at which point she is hilariously, intensely pissed.

We love ’em!  Can’t wait to see families at Christmas and share them with everyone.


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