Bear with us

We are neck deep in chaos, which means I’m in hermit mode.  Our house closes a week from tomorrow (we hope), we are living out of boxes, and we are wrapping two rounds of baby stomach flu. Poor Maren only made it six months before the dastardly pukes.

On a happier note, Tim found work in Bloomington and we have a few house prospects on the horizon.  Life is good in the grand scheme, but it’s also sort of miserable in the daily grind at the moment with lots of kvetching on Si’s part and lots of stir crazies on the parents’ part.  This, too, shall pass.

Today we are filling our heads with the either/or situations for living downtown in a bungalow versus living in the woods again.  The winner changes hourly, so feel free to place bets.  I love living the urban life and being carless, forced into social situations and living in airy spaces (super hard to find in town, especially on a budget).  Tim loves the outdoors, the solitude of being outside the hub bub, but nothing is available in the part of town we love in our price point.  So therein lies our conundrum for the next phase of life.

We’ve also had a lot of career contemplation going on lately.  The short version is this:  barring one pending opportunity, Tim will not be looking for work in schools anytime in the near future unless one falls into his lap.  This comes after hefty consideration and roadblocks at the state level with the licensure exams changing earlier this year.  Until the tests or scoring change, he will not choose to be in a classroom.

Instead, he’s going to pursue work with Stonebelt working with disabled kids and adults, similar to the work he did before, with the long term goal of getting into IU in the next few years to finish his Masters degree and teach at the college level.  I’m staying home for two more years and going to try to get into The Collective Press in some creative capacity.  After that, I will probably teach seventh grade or work on getting hired on at IU as well.  Free tuition for our children and academic socializing is right up the GB alley, for sure.

Are you done holiday shopping?  I’m down to the tiny stuff.  It was weird to shop shipping to two addresses.  I’m sure there are ten packages on the A frame porch awaiting our arrival.  We’re more than ready to see the snowy winter woods.

Pardon the radio silence.  We may not be back until after the move.  Then again, every time I say that, I have a burst of creative juju and end up writing six posts.


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