After our closing got postponed, our plans to stay in the woods for Thanksgiving went out the window.  We went back to the original plan to spend Wednesday to Friday with Tim’s family.  We alternate years, so this was Tim’s year and to be fair, he got screwed out of his last family’s turn because I had just given birth to SPTB.

Surprise!  We decided to go on Tuesday and stay until Sunday.  It’s just getting old living out of boxes and waiting with baited breath for our house to close.  So we got out of here and then didn’t really want to come back.  Our Thanksgiving included a tiny birthday party for Si, dinner with the Ballard clan, black Friday shopping (Starbucks and Home Depot, Maren in tow), massages for me and Timmy, lots of choo choo sightings with Grammie and Papa, a bald eagle sighting, and we got to see Sara and Derek and meet Rosie, Rex’s new yorkie sibling.  Super weekend and apparently we were having too much fun to take any decent pictures.

photo 1 (9) photo 2 (9)

photo 3 (9)

photo 4 (10)


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