Milestones: 6 months, 24 months

Silas Peter Thoreau is 2 years old!
28 lbs, 8 oz (75th percentile)   –   34 inches (75th percentile)

Si has grown into such an industrious dude.  He approaches life fearlessly and inquisitively, both of which we love (mostly).  The high chair (minus the tray) gets pushed all over the house and used for a height advantage to get into all sorts of things.  He pushed it over to the cabinet, got out the peanut butter, opened it, grabbed a spoon and ate it by himself in about fifteen seconds flat.  He’s no joke, and “childproof” caps are no match for this kid.

He suddenly acts very “two” and struggles with limits (one vitamin=total meltdown) and has strong opinions about what he does NOT want to eat (“uh uh” shaking his head no and furrowing his brow).  He has also become a bit more frustrated as his ideas expand but fail to keep up with his vocabulary, which results in ripped paper, crashed towers, and general destructiveness on a semi-regular basis.

We find ourselves offering choices a lot these days and working really hard to resist being totally exasperated with behaviors that are new and less than pleasant.  I can’t tell you how many times a day I sing the Daniel Tiger jingle “use your woooords, use your words!”  And then he does, which is great!  He’s still taking a 3 hour nap midday and sleeping 7-7 at night, sometimes with a wake and sometimes not.   He tends to wake at night if he doesn’t get enough one on one with me during the day, so we try to pay attention to that.

Silvano P is still head over heels in love with trains and has graduated to the magnetic kind with the wooden tracks.  He will play with them for big chunks of time all by himself and loves anything “choo choo tain”.  He’s also into dinosaurs, firetrucks, elephants, trucks in general, reading books by himself, his sister, cooking, and singing songs.  His musical repertoire is vast these days and super dutchy:  baa baa black sheep, ABCs, farmer in the dell, deck the halls, jingle bells, the Polar Express song, I love you so much, a few songs from Winnie the Pooh circa 1977, and others that I forget at the moment.  He’s quite musical, so Band in a Box is on the list for Christmas for sure.

Silas loves to draw with eat crayons, build and destroy train tracks by himself, take baths, hold Maren, pretend his t rex eats everything in our house, steal our (decaf) lattes, eat cereal and veggies and apples, sneak upstairs, give Maren toys, sporadically use “daddy’s potty” (hates the kid potty), get dressed and undressed mostly by himself, drink from a big kid cup, eat BBQ sauce on everything, and snuggle in the rocking chair with mama.

He no longer likes nap/bedtime (he had previously always said “yes” if you asked him if he was ready to sleep, which was weird but awesome), eating things with various colors (berries in muffins=no go), diaper changes, sharing toys, being read to, not getting to go out if it’s too cold/rainy/snowy, and that’s about it.  He’s mastered the phrases “not yet”, “what happened?”, “oh boy”, “oh no!”, “come on”, and “no thanks” and uses them frequently.





photo 2 (29)

Maren Susannah Jane is 6 months old!
18 lbs, 13 oz  (over 90th percentile) –  25 inches (under 25th percentile)

Maren is getting quite vocal.  She squeals and growls and giggles, although she doesn’t find many things funny enough to warrant giggling.  She is a notorious morning person, which is 4am if accompanied by a blowout and about 5:30 on our lucky mornings when she “sleeps in”.  Welcome to parenthood.  Silas is not a morning person and likes to sleep in, sort of like his dad.  Maren is definitely her mother’s daughter in appearance and otherwise.

  Miss M loves ostentatious patterns, paper or anything crinkly, veggie Mum Mums, muslin blankies, singing of any kind, her brother, the jumparoo, and bath time only when sitting up.  If you flip back up to Si’s six month picture, you’ll find they look nothing alike aside from complexion. Genes are funny, though; they both flex their right foot when sleepy, just like Tim.  Her temperament is so unlike Si’s was at this age.  She still has a very 0-60 fuse which is disrupted by dropping a toy, picking her up when she wanted to be on the floor, not picking her up when she was bored, or getting her dressed.  She doesn’t mind diaper changes because she loves to be naked (ahem Garner kid).

M is growing lots of hair all of a sudden and is sitting up almost independently.  When she gets excited about something she leans leftward, so we’re still supporting her with the Boppy pillow or the Bumbo seat depending on how tired she is.  She loves to sit in the high chair and play with toys, which is helpful at dinnertime.  We finally can get through most of dinner without a melting down baby or toddler.  It’s nice!  She’s got one tooth as of this week and, aside from teething, is sleeping all night with one wake up.  When teething, she was up every few hours all night and driving me crazy.  I’m ever so grateful to have a sleeping kid again.  She and Silas are usually both up once, although Si sleeps through a lot, too.


 photo 3 (5)



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