Week in the Woods

After Kait and O came for cousin pictures, Rog and Mary Kay came for the weekend.  After the weekend wrapped up, we headed to Bloomington for four days, just because we could.  It’s SO WEIRD to be back in our old house.  Seriously.

Tim had an interview scheduled for Thursday, so we looked at a few houses in the last couple of days (no-go’s, for sure) and Tim scheduled his education license exams for today.  We even got in social dinners with Matt & Alyssa Monday and Karma & Elizabeth tonight, as well as a play date with Cesca.  Busy! Fun!  Freezing after the initial warm Monday weather.  It’s crazy to think we are going to live here in two more weeks.  Yikes.

PS:  See that giant red clay dirt clump in the background?  That’s a roughly 12 feet tall root ball of an uprooted oak tree.  A tornado came through and missed the houses but took out lots of trees back here on our old lane.  It feels much more open with the loss of a handful of grown trees.  Amazing what a difference it makes, even with bare branches in winter.

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

photo 4

Back to reality tomorrow…  and by reality I mean packing up our whole house in ten days.  Bring it on.


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