Secret Weapons of a Baby-Toddler Mama

So, this week I realized I use a few things over and over to save my sanity and I thought I’d share them with you.

1.  Classical Music

40 Most Beautiful Cello Classics

If you know us, you know we like classical music in general.  What you may not know is that the right music can turn around the most miserable kvetching, frustrated or otherwise displeased toddler in a matter of minutes.  The one that works best for Silas at the moment is this one, and I think it has to do with the magical, deep, soothing qualities of the cello.  If you have young babies at home, grab some classical at the library and see how your babe reacts.  We use Mozart for the Brain during playtime pretty often as well.

2.  Old School Dawn Dishsoap

 photo 2

Ok, I consider myself a thorough investigator of stain treatment options.  I don’t like unnecessary chemicals, but I also don’t like ruined clothes.  Silas was such a puker that he never really had blowouts.  Maren?  Well, suffice it to say she is a gastrointestinal phenomenon.  I have thrown away at least ten onesies or outfits of hers already, stained beyond redemption despite Zout, Resolve, Charlie’s, OxyClean, BacOut, and countless others.  “But have you tried…?”  Yes.  I almost guarantee I have tried it.  In all fairness, OxyClean DOES work if you spray it immediately and wash it within about fifteen minutes.  Who has time to pay that much attention to poop?

Anyway. For the heck of it, let’s just say that Tim got up early with Maren and cleaned up the extensive mess.  He got the clothes to the edge of the washer where they sat for not one day, but the entire weekend that we were in Onarga (my bad).  Also, let’s pretend it happens to be a light colored, super darling, relatively new onesie.  I spot treat it with OxyClean free and clear, let it soak, and wash it three times.  Stained.  Gross.  Depressed.

Enter dawn dish soap.  I squirted soap on the stain (which is the size of a softball, mind you) and add a little water to make it white and soapy and thick instead of blue and translucent.  I wash it immediately one more time.  IT’S CLEAN.  No joke.  Do it.

3.  Two O’clock Tea

photo 1

If you stay home (or even if you don’t) with babies and toddlers, you know that the duties don’t end.  Nothing is sacred and there’s no lunch break.  I find that by about four o’clock, I pretty much despise anyone, including the short crazy people running all over my house.  This is usually remedied with a small mental breakdown and some food to rescue my low blood sugar.  After two years of this, I finally figured out how to prevent it altogether.  Caffeine!

I don’t consume caffeine because I am nursing and because, even when I’m not, it greatly exacerbates my depression issues after it wears off, but I find that drinking a green or white tea (lowest in caffeine) or a few cups of decaf coffee (a tiny bit of caffeine) toward the end of naptime makes me a happier mom, less crazy wife to come home to, and generally just a better coper with the chaos.


2 thoughts on “Secret Weapons of a Baby-Toddler Mama

  1. Meg, thank you for the music ideas. I am going to send Deborah the cello CD and hopefully, the 2nd one you mentioned. On Amazon, I found Mozart for Your Brain. Is that the correct one? Love your blog.

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