It was pretty much the longest week in history last week.  On the heels of a travel weekend, Tim had his most hectic student teaching week, including parent teacher conferences early and late several days, I nannied late a few nights, we had the inspection and scheduled repairs, we attempted to find housing, and then we had company these last two days.  We are totally pooped.

After a weekend full of our favorite families and endless conversation about invigorating and important things (until 1am!!), we are feeling peaceful, hopeful and a little overwhelmed.  Lucky for us, Silas peed through his pajamas at 5:30 this morning after we turned into pumpkins staying up so late.  We’re too old for this crap.  I can’t even wrap my head around starting to pack up this house.  I need an intervention.  I’m serious.

I inquired about a few properties in the past week, but one was already sold and one is iffy for us.  On a whim, we emailed the woman who bought our house in the woods to see how she’d feel about renting it to us for a few months since she delayed her retirement.  Long story short, she wanted a long term house sitting arrangement for the winter to keep the critters out of the house and we just happen to need a living space in that exact window.  The angels sang.  We’re moving back into our old house until we find the right property for the long term.  EXCITED!!  It will be a special, cozy winter with Karma and Elizabeth next door on our old lane.

In other news, I have three leads for full time work and Tim has a few promising opportunities on his radar as well.  The buyers of our house in Lafayette switched from an FHA loan to a conventional loan, which makes for a much easier, smoother and less paperwork-heavy closing experience.  We also got the results of our inspection, which was not too shabby considering the age of our good ol’ home.  She isn’t young by any means.  Repairs are happening this week, and then we are set to close the day before Thanksgiving.  Holy cow.

Our next house is going to be the one we call home for a decade or more, so there’s a little more pressure this time around to find something that really feels like us.  I am practically salivating at the thought of decorating a space in a way that appeals to my creative side instead of my practical future-buyer’s-taste side. Our first two home purchases have been made knowing that they were not our long term homes, so it feels very different this time!  We are stoked and surprised that we will actually make a wee bit of money off of this house since it was not an investment property like the last one was.  We are thrilled about that.

I guess at this point we are feeling a little nervous (as anyone does when a closing is pending) but mostly just happy and calm.  There is a magic about the way things are falling into place left and right in ways we could not have imagined.  We’re taking it as a flashing neon sign that this is the right time for us and that this is the direction we are supposed to be heading.

Thanks so much to our families who are being so supportive and encouraging about our final move for a long, long time.  I know it’s hard to see us make choices that appear impulsive, but this was a carefully considered decision and an important one for us, and it couldn’t feel more right.  That kind of certainty is priceless and comforting, and we are grateful for it.

This week’s task:  gather up a final go-round of things to get out of our house and into our rummage sale that’s happening on Friday!  Who wants to come help me?


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