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In one month, my Silas Peter will be TWO YEARS OLD.  Somebody pinch me.

This kid is a freakin’ riot these days.  He makes the funniest faces, he builds train tracks all by himself, he lines up all of his wheeled toys in choo choo fashion, and he talks nonstop, even in his sleep and in the middle of the night.  He woke one morning at four, sat up and said “bye, Kenzi!”  She was still here when he went to bed, in his defense.

The latest for SPTB:  singing!  His repertoire includes Wheels on the Bus, Jingle Bells, Baa baa black sheep, I love you so much, Pooh Bear, Muffin Man, You are my Sunshine, Peg+Cat, and a few others.  He is picking up about two songs per day at the moment.  So funny!  He refuses to sing on demand, so I’m trying to be super sneaky and get a video, but no luck yet.

Si loves books and reading, still loves stacking, is pretty impressive with the shape sorter, and is becoming perhaps a little too brave where Maren is concerned since he tries to lift her and regularly hits her with various toys when trying to include her in his play.  His intentions are pure for the most part, but the accidents are bordering on many these days.  Ah, siblings.

Interests are wide and varied these days…  elephants still, coffee, cereal, horses, crickets!, books, trees, mister potato head, identifying shapes everywhere (triangle, oval, circle, square, rectangle, star), colors (everything is red or blue if you ask), falling leaves, coloring (mostly not on paper), helping mama cook, helping daddy do dishes at the sink, and kissing Maren while saying “hi yooooou!” sweetly right in her face.

He is SO funny. We love him to the moon!  28 pounds and 34 inches tall this month.  Three out of four molars are through (thank goodness).  Even with some two year old wildness and destructiveness sneaking into our days lately, Silas is such an amazing little dude.  He really is.

Maren is five months old, and the day she hit five months is the day we sold our house.  Memorable!  She is increasingly fun and sweet.  She plays with Silas, watching him for long periods and just loving him for being near.  It’s such a sweet little sibling love.  She is so loud these days!  She is chattiest in the mornings and right before she goes to sleep, and she has really been experimenting with volume lately.  I actually feared she would wake a napping Silas today, which hasn’t happened before.  Her voice is adorable; a little scratchy and smooth at the same time.

Maren is 17 pounds, 8 ounces and she seems really long, although I have no idea how long she is.  We are mostly disposable diapering these days since I have three in diapers and it’s just a lot.  She has moved into 9 months jammies, 12 month hats, and 6-12 everything else.  The girl has a wicked noggin for sure.

She loves muslin blankies for waving, chewing, sucking, and playing.  She doesn’t use a paci anymore, which has made bedtimes much easier.  She goes to sleep by herself after chatting away for a few minutes, happy as can be.  When she gets overstimulated or pissed, she is quick to cry.  Like full throttle, zero to sixty, I-think-someone-pinched-me crying.  I’m sure strangers think she is severely wounded.  As soon as I pick her up (no one else will do) she is magically fine, of course.  She’s a spirited little soul.  I wonder what she’ll do with all that energy someday.

Miss Susannah is growing some hair and it’s too cute!  Curly, of course, right after her bath, but otherwise straight (just like Si’s was).  No teeth yet, but she is a drooling, chewing machine.  She grins at Tim from across the room on a regular basis, loves to take baths with Silas as long as she doesn’t have to lie down, is so over crinkly toys, and loves the old school teething beads from my childhood.  She also loves the waterproof bibs and diaper covers, which are both slippery, cool material that apparently is good for chewing.  She is hit or miss with loving the jumparoo and usually likes the Bumbo quite a bit.

We aren’t planning on starting baby food yet since we will do baby led feeding/weaning again, although Silas fed her some banana bread, apple, and Pirate Booty, all of which I had to scoop out in the last month.  Thanks, brother!  You can’t knock his sharing skills.  They rock.

   We got out her winter wear and it’s full of darling leggings (thanks,Sara!), boots and booties, and darling hats.  So much fun dressing babies these days, boys and girls alike.  I can’t get over the baby clothes. Although, in all honesty, my fave bib is too small to go around Maren’s generously sized neck.


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