We’re in a bit of a whirlwind over her wrapping up the upstairs bathroom before we list the house tomorrow.  Blogging has been on hold since we completed 26+ finishing projects on the house over the weekend!

But today, I ran across a post about how to get started minimizing one’s life from The Minimalists blog, and somehow I meandered over to Project 333.  You guys.  This is so my kind of thing.  And I had to blog it because I need help with it.  Who wants to come over?

The gist of Project 333 is that you pare down to a 33 piece wardrobe that you will use for the next three months.  This means every season brings a revamped and appropriate wardrobe, but that laundry, finding something to wear, and having clothes that feel and look lovely become automatic and stress free.  I’m so in.

There are a few reasons I love this particular approach to a manageable wardrobe.  One is that you don’t get rid of the things you pare down, you simply store them.  A few months ago I had a baby (duh) and that leaves me with a body that’s more comfortable than usual.  I don’t want to toss my skinny clothes or even my pre-second-baby clothes.  This lets me keep them and work them in as they fit better.  I also like that this approach doesn’t include undies, jammies, workout gear or the like (although it does say only to wear workout gear when you’re *actually* working out) and to focus on clothes that fit well and are ones that you can work, live and play in.  The 33 items DOES include clothes, accessories and jewelry, outerwear and shoes!  This comes at the perfect time for us since we’re starting to pack up the things we’re not avidly using for the sake of keeping the house showing-ready for potential buyers.

Anybody else already living with a minimal wardrobe?  I’d love to know how it works for you.


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