Our Weekend in Photos

Our weekend was jam packed, productive, and fun.  Tim had class out of town all day on Saturday, so Rog and Mary Kay came over to occupy babies so I could get a ton of painting projects done.  I tackled the laundry room, kitchen island, patched walls, upstairs bathroom, and vanity while MK did the downstairs bathroom and Kenzi did the woodwork touch ups.  YOWZA.   I hate finishing work, but I can’t believe how much better it looks with all of that done.

This week I am packing up miscellany in all of the rooms to make it easier to live here and keep it tidy for staging.  Next weekend is our final project weekend and will entail floor painting (yuck), trimming out kitchen and laundry floors, sprucing up flower beds, and a handful of small projects we are dreading.  We will list the house after next weekend!  We’re really excited even though we’re really not getting any support at the moment.

Sara and puppy Rex came Sunday for the day to see the babies.  Silas loved all the surprises, especially the spider book and spooky jammies.  Si got in several park trips this weekend.  Lucky dude!   He was exhausted last night and had a rough evening but we are back in business this morning with a happy camper.

photo 1 (8)

photo 2 (8)

The Bears game was disappointing and my soup adventure with a new recipe wasn’t totally impressive, so Sunday was sort of frustrating.  We squeezed in a few pictures of all of us at the end of the weekend, but it’s pretty obvious we were super tired at that point.  It was a long weekend!

 photo 5 (7)

It’s Monday and I’m already tired.  That’s what happens after busy weekends.  Oh, well.


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