Our Weekend in Photos

Our weekend was pretty unplanned, which was convenient since Silas had croup and Maren was terribly snotty.  We had our first ER trip on Wednesday morning at 3am when Si woke up hacking like an asthmatic smoking seal.  Poor dude.

He’s on the mend, thankfully.  We borrowed a nebulizer (thanks, Abbi!) but never had to use it.  We did homeopathy and put essential oils in the humidifiers and he never really had any symptoms as long as we kept them up.

Saturday, Logan came to visit.  We hit up the farmers market on a long walk, which was great for some fresh air for those tiny colds.  I am loving the chilly weather!  In the afternoon, Tim made a jaunt to ReStore and Menards for some reno supplies.  We worked in the yard (I weeded the front beds, Tim mowed) during nap times.  Alas, I went to bed at 8 and we didn’t do any projects on Saturday.  It was one of those days that was confusing because all of a sudden it was time to make dinner and we couldn’t figure out what we did all day long.

We made up for it today.  We totally overhauled the upstairs bathroom.  Tim took out the sink and toilet and replaced the sink with a new white one (I can’t begin to tell you what the last one looked like).  The toilet we bought to replace the existing one was wonky in the tank, and we decided, in the end, that we wanted the toilet to match the tub, so we ended up reinstalling the toilet that was already there.  Lame!  But not before I laid new flooring.  Booyah!  It’s pretty magical how different it looks in there from this morning.  We still have some finishing work, but it’s a massive improvement.

Maren hit four months on Saturday and Si hits 22 months this coming Saturday, so sometime this week I will get it together and post about their happenings.

We still need to touch up paint, commit to a paint color for the vanity upstairs, and trim out the window downstairs, but the bathrooms are coming along.  Yeah, there’s still a border in the upstairs bathroom.  It’s on the list.

We’re also still working on touching up paint throughout the downstairs where we had to patch the plaster, but I swear a house tour is coming soon.  I decorated a little for Fall this weekend.  That picture of the vase/dining room=keeping it real.  Our house totally looked like that this afternoon.

Am I the only one who is so happy summer is over?

IMG_7656 IMG_7650IMG_7693 photo 5 (11) photo 4 (10) photo 3 (10) photo 2 (9) photo 1 (9)  photo 5 (13) photo 4 (12) photo 3 (13)photo 1 (12)


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