Our Weekend in Photos

For this weekend at least, I’m on my A game with a post of the happenings.  Well, at least half of the happenings.

We had a phenomenally productive weekend.  It was not planned, so it’s a happy surprise all around.  We can’t even seem to muster much gusto when it’s on the calendar, truthfully.  Check it out.

We played while Maren watched adoringly.

photo 2 (5)

We did lots of thumb exploring, and a tiny bit of thumb sucking.  So cute!photo 1 (5)

We were pretty stoked about the ND game.  All four of us sported our gear and headed to Target and the health food store first thing Saturday morning.  Rest assured two stores was at least one too many and both children were miserable by the time we got home.

photo 4 (2)

I got my birthday Birks!  Shipped from Germany, so they took a while.  Thanks Mary Kay and Roger!  Not pictured:  Rog and MK were actually here when they arrived since they made a last minute trip to see the babies.  photo 3 (4)

Maren is so awake and happy these days with her crinkly toys.

photo 5 (2)

I got out my Fall wreath today!  Thanks, Momma.  Great birthday present!

photo 4

Watching her brother, as usual.  He’s oblivious, as usual.

photo 1 (4)

Sunday was the day I just couldn’t take my hair anymore.  It’s falling out constantly (I didn’t have that after I had Si, which was apparently lucky), it was hitting M in the face when I nursed, and I felt like I was being attacked all night long when it escaped hair ties.  Goodbye 12 inches of hair!  Hello, bob and bangs.  I feel naked.

photo 2 (4)

While Rog and MK were here, Tim and I made an impromptu visit to Menards.  That word seems like it should have an apostrophe, but it doesn’t.  I’m annoyed all of a sudden.

Anyway, we went for a paint exchange (they replace bad color matches for free) and came home with three rooms’ worth of flooring, a new tub surround, wallpaper and lots of Barkeeper’s Friend, which Tim and I both adore.  In about two hours, we had finished the kitchen and laundry room floors.  Ta da!

We got a huge remnant, so it was marked down already but they were having an extra 20% off remnants sale, so both rooms ran us about $160.  It accidentally looks amazing with our cabinet colors, countertops, and bone colored trim.  Happy accidents.photo 3 (3)

Rog and MK left early this morning, but Tim held steady and patched plaster walls all day so that we can finish out all the painting and touch ups from the shelf removal that happened in…January.  Don’t judge.  It’s been a long year.

This afternoon, friends came over to play while the moms had a lady date.  Then I decided I needed to get rid of my hair, so off I went.  After dinner and baby bedtimes (thank god Maren goes to sleep at a normal hour these days), Tim and I got a small burst of energy and attempted our very first wallpapering expedition.  It was easier than expected, messier than expected, and good to have finished.

The small bathroom facelift will be complete after we paint and trim out the window and paint one small wall behind the toilet.  The wallpaper roll (it just took one) was on clearance at Menards for $6 instead of $30-something, so I’d say it’s the most bang for our buck in this house yet.  It also accidentally looks amazing with the flooring and kitchen.  Huzzah, folks.photo 5

It’s almost 10pm.  Tim’s doing homework, babies are snoozing, life is good.


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