Our Weekend in Words, and Late

Ideally, this would be a weekend in photos blog entry from the long holiday weekend.  My bad.

Saturday morning, my parents came to visit.  It’s always nice when they come because it doesn’t happen very often!  Silas was beside himself with excitement.  He has been battling a cold, so it was nice to have a distraction to keep him happy until nap time.  We hit the road after his lunch (sleeping babies in the car=priceless) to head to Illinois.

Labor Day is one holiday we consistently spend with Tim’s family and that sort of dependability is nice for planning.  We had a Ballard gathering at the camp ground on Saturday, but we missed seeing Lisa and Randy and the girls!  The weather was pretty moody and after lunch turned into a torrential downpour.  Like 6 inches of rain in a handful of hours downpour.  We resorted to a quiet evening playing at Grammie and Papa’s house, which was fine by all of us.  Lots of choo choos were involved, as usual, and Silas loved playing with Aunt Sara.

We intended to go to the get-together on the other side of the family on Sunday, but Silas was whiny and croupy and we didn’t want to share that with other kiddos.  I also ended up having a gallbladder attack on Sunday, so all around not our healthiest weekend.  Kind of a bummer, especially since Si hasn’t seen his boy cousins in a year and we were so excited for him to get some good play time in.  Oh, well.

We had Monday off and didn’t end up doing much.  I slept a lot because I didn’t feel well.  You know I’m near death if I’m deigning to nap.  Ain’t nobody got time for that, as they say.  We had high hopes of doing house projects, but none of them happened.  This week is short for me with Monday and Friday off.  Tim started his student teaching yesterday!  He’s got two months of second grade and then he’s done with his license and half of his Masters.  Way to go, Timmy!

I always greet September warmly because it brings me such nice presents in the forms of cooler temperatures, crisp mornings, and the beginnings of the changing seasons.  This year is especially exciting for us because we are in the process of making some shifts with moving (potentially) and Tim wrapping up his grad program.

The more we talk about moving, the more we don’t know exactly what’s next.  I personally love those waiting, uncertain phases in some ways because I know to be on high alert for signs of the right direction.  I think these are the exact phases that drive Tim absolutely crazy since he tends to want to make the “right” choice which inevitably eludes him.

 We aren’t really ruling anything out at this point.  We have talked about moving across town and across the country;  West Lafayette, Bloomington, Portland, Seattle, Denver, and a few other places that would present worthwhile job opportunities.   It’s hard to find the balance of satisfying our wants and needs as parents and making choices that place an appropriately high premium on extended family relationships for our kids.  So that’s where we’re at with that process.

The month of September is already filling up pretty quickly.  We go to the Children’s Museum this weekend, have company next weekend, head to Alex for Heritage Days and hopefully a Schleeter reunion the 20th, and then have more company for the last weekend.  Time flies.  Luckily, we are lying low for the bulk of October as far as I know.  Thank goodness, because November is going to be crazy.

Life feels pretty busy these days.  Is it always like this?  No wonder people keep talking about how quickly their kids grew up.


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