A Whole New Woooorld

Please tell me you got that Aladdin reference. 

You know how they say you have a completely new body every seven years thanks to cell regeneration?  Well, we are staring into the face of a completely different life and it feels pretty daunting but happy. 

Let’s flash back to last Thursday.  Mary Kay came over to help me tag team kiddos and Project Pare Down and we got a lot done!  It’s remarkable how much I can get done with an extra set of hands on stand by.  By the time Tim got home Friday, the house was freakin’ spotless and we were braced for a weekend chock full of socialization, beautiful weather and minimizing. 

Tim finished his job on Friday, which means he is home the month of August (!) and also that he doesn’t have a paycheck until he is done student teaching. It’s going to take some adjusting, having him here all the time, but it’s going to be awesome for Silas who is a huge daddy fan these days.  At this point Silas is having a hard time figuring out what’s going on, which results in 20 minutes of panic every time Tim opens the door to go somewhere. Yuck.

Anyway.  We are looking forward to having a “normal” life where he works in the same town in which we live and we get to see him every night.  We went out Friday night to celebrate (La Scala–our fave) with our favorite friends here and it was marvelous.  Great conversation, amazing food, and the fastest two hours that have ever passed.  Thanks to MK for keeping their kiddo and Silas for boy time!  We took the baby girls.  Emmeline snacked the whole time and Maren slept like a champ!  It was awesome.

Saturday morning we were super productive.  We’re downsizing all of our belongings and it feels really liberating.  Tim and I went through the entire master bedroom, including every piece of clothing in both of our wardrobes, and the linens for all bedrooms in the morning.  It was awesome!  You have to do that stuff when you’re feeling decisive, you know.  We donated a Subaru Outback FULL of stuff.  Like I had to take out the car seats to fit it in there. 

After a donation drop and two car washes, we headed to Indy for a day full of dates.  First up was Goose the Market, which we adore for its European feel and super espresso.  We met Bloomington friends Matt and Alyssa there and, as always, had a great chat about why we’re all here and what we’re doing.  They’re such cathartic company. 

After Goose, we stepped it up a notch and went to St. Elmo’s Steak House with two other couples.  Such ambiance!  It was nice to have a mostly quiet meal (we ran into M’s fussy time a bit) and talk about baby stuff since Robyn has three and Aubrey’s prego with her first.  It’s so nice how our friendships all morph over time.  We met as young teenagers and have moved into married, house fixing, family making lives.  I’m glad to have them in my life after all this time.

Sunday brought rain, which was poor timing since we picked that day to go through the storage room out back and the entire garage!  We did it anyway and put out a curb alert for a ton of crap at the end of our driveway.  One of the (five) good things about living in Lafayette is that the trash guys pick up ANYthing.  Couches, giant anythings, they’ll take it.  So what wasn’t hauled off was picked up the next day (which wasn’t much). 

Monday morning we got up and tackled the kitchen, getting rid of two more totes of stuff.  We also sold our giant entertainment center on craigslist and downsized to our white trunk, which feels better.  We are feeling pretty good about our lack of belongings these days.  Monday was also the start of my new nanny babe coming full time.  It’s interesting having a 3, 8 and 20 month old all day.  We’re adjusting. Tim is going to be here this month to help except on Wednesdays.  Speaking of, today is his first day with 30 second graders!  Too cute.

We have done the equivalent of three Minimalist Challenge months in this house.  Where does all the stuff come from??  We have simplified the entire house except for the baby clothes and children’s books.  Literally every inch of the other rooms has been ravaged for donation piles.  And can I just say my plan worked!  We are spending way less time cleaning up messes and tidying the house.  Less mess=more happy. 

Up next:  using the rest of the month to do some finishing work on the house, which includes painting, flooring and who knows what else.  I’m trying to be excited. 


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