We are hitting two and twenty months this week.  We’re also getting 2 year molars and having spurts of definite 2 year old behavior…

Maren is cooing and flapping her legs and arms with excitement.  Frankly, she’s adorable.  She also rolls onto her belly and had her first bath with Silas.  It was quite the adventure.  She didn’t mind that he dumped a cup of water on her face.  Lucky, right?  (Don’t panic–the cup was one of those medicine dispenser cups that holds an ounce at most.)

Silas is hilarious these days.  SO CHATTY.  He wakes up talking a mile a minute about daddy and flowers and elephants and all kinds of things.  It doesn’t really stop.  Ever.  He’s in a good night sleep routine and back to a longer nap during the day.  He’s making funny faces that resemble mine and it cracks me up.
Favorite foods:  hummus cakes, black bean burgers, fruit of any kind but especially applesauce
Favorite things:  elephant anything, swimming, trucks, noise, daddy!  all things daddy these days

I didn’t take real pictures because we head to the lake in the morning and we will be taking lots of pictures there, but here are a few of our morning.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

More pictures, updates, and ponderings to come this next week (I hope) since so many hands will be there to help with baby duty!  Four days with my family at the lake then four days with Tim’s at the dunes.  We can’t wait!!


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