Our Holiday Weekend in Photos

We went to Bloomington for the long weekend.  I’ll be honest, we didn’t want to come back home.

 Friday we drove down and struggled to find parking for the parade, but managed to walk up to the procession just as Elizabeth Cure, our old neighbor, rode past in a dazzling yellow Mustang since she’s running for judge again.  I cried when we saw her and Silas was in awe of the parade since it was his first one.  We missed the firetrucks–wait til he sees them at the Heritage Days parade!  It felt very much like home to see familiar faces interspersed with kooky floats you’d only find in Bloomington.

By the time we drove through to grab fast food lunch (everything else was closed for the 4th), Silas had conked out so we headed to the lake.  It was a perfect day for the lake!  Silas played in the water, Tim swam, Maren slept, and I relaxed in the sunshine.  Doesn’t get any better than that on a summer holiday in my book.

For dinner, we had a hard time finding something that was open, but we ended up at Feast which we had meant to try the entire few years we lived there.  Weird how that works.  It was awesome!  Inventive and beautiful food–we shared a black bean goat cheese tamale.  Silas wasn’t a fan, and we were not at all devastated that we got it all for ourselves.  Poor Silas lived on granola bars and fruit most of the weekend because he was too busy to be interested in anything else.

It was a happy surprise that M slept her usual six hour stretch and Silas slept all night without moving the first night in the hotel!  The second night was a different story, but the first night was glorious.  Good thing because Saturday was hectic.

We met Matt, Lyss, Layna and Eyan at the Farmers Market for coffee and a walk.  Our old Farmers Market made us wistful and happy at the same time.  (I totally forgot to take pictures–bummer!)  Si and Eyan are only a few months apart and it was so fun to see them toddling around enjoying each other.  We headed to Brown County State Park afterward to have a picnic lunch on our own and then met back up with Matt and Alyssa’s family to play in the afternoon.

We headed back to Bloomington for dinner with our old neighbors, Karma and Elizabeth, who got married a few weeks ago!  Congratulations to two of our favorite souls!  As usual, Elizabeth whipped up a dinner that was to die for: fresh linguine with chantrelle mushroom sauce (picked from our old hill in the woods), arugula salad, and fresh blackberry cobbler with hand whipped cream.  Elizabeth never, ever fails to blow our minds with food.  The company wasn’t too shabby either, complete with bluegrass, a new (and very baby-affectionate) canine, and some nostalgia about being in our old woods right next door to our old home.

After a rocky night, Sunday brought us some good vibes.  We grabbed Starbucks (we usually vote for local coffee shops, but ‘bucks has amazing and always fresh decaf that is strong and not at all bitter) and headed to our old church.  It was SO lovely.  We left feeling connected and peaceful and inspired and those are things we have struggled to find since moving, so it was much needed.  Then it was time to leave town which left us a bit somber, but that’s alright.

We loved our weekend away and our children were total troopers.  They both slept well last night, which I feared might not be the case, and we are off to a good start to the week.  We are gearing up for two family vacations in a row in a few weeks, so this was a good road test.  We’re excited!


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