Between the drivel and drama on Facebook and the very, very narrow windows of free time that arise when parenting Big Baby and Little Baby, I’m feeling a little inundated with mental chatter.  And by a little I mean totally.

I can’t help but dwell on the sweeping changes for good this nation could make if they used their free time differently.  I’m not excluded–I’m spending time thinking about things that have nothing to do with paying attention to my babies who are growing like weeds over here before my very eyes.  “Babies don’t keep” as our friend says.  You know what this means.

It means it’s time to make lists.  Long and painfully organized ones.

It’s time to play on the floor and pretend the house isn’t messy just for the sake of Si’s giggles.

It’s time to use nap time for actually finishing Hands Free Mama.

And it’s also time to do another month of the Minimalist Challenge because it’s the perfect season for a huge rummage.  Who’s in?  Aunt Sarey?


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