Our Weekend in Photos

We rang in the weekend with a daytrip to Onarga to see Tim’s family.  It was really sweet because it was secretly to surprise Roger with his retirement present, a golf cart to ride around at the lake.  He doesn’t retire until October, but this way he can use it all summer with the warm weather. He was SO SURPRISED.  Silas really thought perhaps it was HIS present and couldn’t get enough.  

We hung out on the porch most of the day and then went to the lake to grill out in the afternoon.  Aunt Meg came to visit, which was lovely, and Silas got to walk down to see not one but four choo choos.  Spoiled!  We headed back home for bedtime, but we were running an hour late and ended up with two really miserable babies in the car for a lot of the drive.  Oh, well.  All in all, it was a really nice day.  



(I have one more picture to add here of the golf cart reveal, but I don’t have it yet)

Sunday Tim and I were both really freakin’ tired from two long weeks.  He let me sleep in until 9:30 and cleaned the whole house by the time I woke up!  I paid him back by letting him take a long afternoon nap with Silas.  An extra few hours of sleep go a long way toward a fresh start to the week.  

The whole fam headed to Target to grab some groceries for the week, and that was about all we could handle yesterday.  We also started pilates yesterday in an effort to get rid of our baby bellies.  My body still feels pretty fragile at this point, which I didn’t have last time, so I’m jumping back in slowly.  I need to get about ten pounds off for my wardrobe to fit again, so that’s the first goal.  

It’s a short work week.  This is Tim’s only night away for the week (yay) and we head to Bloomington for the long weekend on Friday.  We are SO. EXCITED.  It seemed like a good idea to hold off on visiting our old stomping grounds until we knew it wouldn’t make us miserable to come back to Lafayette, so it’s been a long time coming and we’re so looking forward to it.  The trade off is that Silas is a hideous traveler and won’t sleep the entire time or for a week after, but it will be worth it.  


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