Our (HUGE) Weekend in Photos

This weekend was a doozy.  We helped my parents move out of our childhood home, which was a little sad, a lot exciting, and mostly just hectic and productive.  It was so nice to hang out with family and visit with all three Garner sibs in one spot.  We really like each other and have a good time together which makes for really enjoyable grown up time.  Aunts Leanne and Jenny kept the kids all day Saturday and I got to be a part of the moving and unpacking and organizing.  It’s weird, but it was really rejuvenating to be doing productive things with grown ups all day.  The yard at the new house already feels very much like home.  It’s beautiful and wide open with big ol’ trees!  It’s awesome.

photo 4 (11) photo 5 (7)photo 1 (8)

photo 2 (8) photo 3 (8)

We also made some progress on the house, which has been at a standstill for quite a while.  Namely, the exterior got painted while we were away moving Mom and Dad.  Huzzah!  We’ve been waiting on it a long time (it’s a weather-dependent job) and it feels SO lovely to have a freshly painted house.  We also upgraded the mailbox are painting the front door today, so more pictures are on the docket.  Last weekend we yanked out all the bushes along the entire length of the house.  It’s feeling really good over here!  Next up on the home improvement list:  wallpapering the small bath (anybody up for hire?), finishing the wall patching and painting from shelf removal, updating the upstairs bath, and maybe white washing all our hardwoods.  Yikes.  Before any of those, we’ll be tackling our flower beds and transplanting some things for a little curb appeal.  Last night when we got home from helping my fam, this is what we had.  It’s a huge improvement.  I should have taken before pictures when they finished powerwashing.  So gross!

unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

The third component of our weekend was the celebration of Father’s Day.  It was Tim’s second Father’s Day experience, but we both agreed that this year we feel much more like parents.  Last year we were still wickedly underslept and grappling with the definition of parenthood.  This year, it’s full on mommy- and daddy-hood and it feels good to have a legit day to claim as our own.  We both decided to stay home for our respective holidays and it felt great to just relax.   Tim’s gifts this year:  a new grill, a weed eater, a super soft Cubs shirt, and a summer weight Irish cap.   Oh yeah, and two cute kids.  Silas is really into sharing his toys with M while she has a diaper change.  Apparently he thinks she hates it as much as he does.  Methinks the sticker in the hair is worse than the dipe.

unnamed (5) unnamed (3)

Happy Father’s Day to my love.  He’s truly a partner and a fantastic papa to these cute babies we have.  I’m proud to be raising them by his side and am ever grateful for his constant willingness to do whatever needs to be done to make our family work.  Love you, baby!


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