Our Weekend and a Milestone

Our weekend was half relaxing and half exciting.  Saturday we took a drive in the country (we found a road that feels like Brown County) while both babies napped and it was nice to have an hour and a half of grown up time to talk.  We’re still trying to get Si back into his routine since bringing baby bella home, so naps have been scarce and short which has been a little trying for grown up quality time.  Saturday’s coffee date with sleeping babies in the car was the highlight of our week and a great way to start the weekend.  We spent the rest of the day in the yard.  M napped while Si played in the sprinkler.  We wrapped up the afternoon with some mama/Si snuggle time while Maren napped.  She’s over 9 pounds!  Oink!  

Sunday we had Sara, Derek and Dylan (plus his buddy) come for a visit.  We went to Tropicanoe Cove, which is the water park at Columbian Park a block away.  It was SO FUN and really impressive.  We’ll be making frequent stops there as the summer heats up.  Then it was time for Tim to fire up the grill in his manly ways.  He loves it.  Good food, good company, and lots of surprises from Aunt Sara in the form of new jammies and clothes for the littles.  Silas was torn between the dog jammies and the firetruck jammies.  Good thing he gets to pick again tonight.  

Here are some pictures of our weekend: 

Image ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

The best thing about this weekend has nothing to do with relaxing or swimming.  The best part of this weekend is the fact that it marks the start of the final week of Tim’s grad school coursework.  He’s done such an amazing job balancing full time studenthood, parenthood of a toddler and new babe, and working away from home.  WE MADE IT!  Mr. Ballard will be taking on a room full of 2nd graders for his student teaching assignment this Fall.  So cute.

Maren is 3 weeks old tomorrow and has passed the 9 pound mark.  She was 8 pounds last week at her peds appointment and they said not to bother coming back at the one month mark since she’s doing marvelously.  She’s so healthy!  We are grateful for two healthy, cute babies.  

People have been asking us to go places and do things, but we are sticking close to home until she is a month old.  We kept Silas home for 6 weeks, but she’s way heartier than he was and it’s not the middle of winter this time!  Call me old fashioned, but I like giving babies time to settle into life before exposing them to crowds and germs and long car rides.  Plus we’re all adjusting as well and not doing that great of a job, so a month is the least we can give ourselves to learn how to cope better and muster a pleasant mood for socializing.  We’ll go to Oliver’s last baseball game (we’ve missed the whole season!) on the 13th, but that will be the first real outing for miss M aside from walks to the park.  

Hungry baby…again.  She doesn’t miss many meals!  That’s my cue.


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