17 Months

We have a 17 month old!

Loves:  Dinosaur Train, bugs, containers, potato heads, books, elephants, stacking blocks and boxes, his baby doll, other kids, fruit, firetrucks, vacuuming, putting away every last block (we have a little OCD working)

New things:  climbing everything, getting on and off chairs/couch, getting in and out of his booster by himself, trying to switch to one nap, running everywhere he goes, opening the fridge (which has since been taped shut, much to his disdain)

Saying:  up please, bye dada, eggs, daddy’s, more _____, no thank you, I don’t knoooow, choo choo train, shoes on, all done this, no no no diaper, night night kitty

He gets more fun all the time.  I feel like I say that every month.  He’s learning so much and he is a hilarious kid!  So curious about nature and dirt and bugs and sticks…  and containers.  Silas is really into sorting and putting things away (hello, Oliver–they are so the same kid).

He’s putting phrases together and has started babbling extensively (but good luck figuring out what he means, although he clearly knows what he is saying).  He listens fairly well and understands so much of what we say to him.  It constantly surprises us to realize he understands things we say to each other.  We’ve started spelling things to avoid meltdowns about various things, which is a sure sign of toddlerhood.

Si loves to be outside, which is lovely now that we have a yard to enjoy.  Tim and I are grateful that he can’t see the park out the window, so we’re feeling pretty lucky to not have a kid crying to go to the park at every waking minute.  The petting zoo and playground and sandbox are all the rage these days.  Wait until he discovers that water park!

We love him to the moon.  Happy 17 months, baby Boo!  You’re probably going to be a big brother this month…

photo 2 (6)photo 3 (6)

We headed to Alex with Timmy for the end of the week to squeeze in one last hurrah before baby.  We had an early Easter with bug-filled eggs, digging time with Oliver’s new Easter tools, gorgeous hats, our first tractor ride, and some horn honking in Poppy’s big work truck (OH the joy on his face–so darling).  We even had a little energy left on Saturday to head to Menard’s with the new stuffed elephant in tow to start a little front yard landscaping project.

  photo 5 (8)photo 3 (8) photo 4 (8) photo 2 (7) photo 3 (7) photo 4 (7)photo 1 (8)

Up next:  hopefully finishing the nursery with another crib and some art, hopefully not having a baby for a few more weeks.


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