We’re digging…

We’re digging a few things this past month.


White Collar (end of season four on Netflix) and Castle (season five now airing)

We are wrapping up these two shows, which is really depressing… until we remember that means it’s time for Rookie Blue to start back up again.  Plus, RB is going to have an extended season this year.  Only really lame people know that.  And by lame I mean Swarek-style cool.  Me-ow.  If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can refer to it as “Rookie Azul” like Tim does.


If the Buddha Had Kids by Charlotte Kasl

We are largely over reading parenting books, but I picked up this one at the library and am really loving how it lines up with the values we want to give our kids like simplicity, compassion, self-awareness, kindness, and nonviolence. One of the reviews claims it is a really approachable blend of Buddhist and Quaker wisdom, practical advice and psychological research.  With what I’ve read so far, I couldn’t agree more.  Not for everyone, but I love it!


The Five Love Languages by Gary Champman

Gone are the days when our spare time was spent coming up with ways to surprise each other, although we have plenty of joy in the form of an endlessly entertaining toddler who is an ever present reminder of our love and commitment.  Our combination of commute, nanny kids, toddler, grad school, late pregnancy, and home improvement have left us feeling a little less than energetic or romantic.  Luckily, nanny kids are done, grad school and pregnancy will be done in a month, and life will continue to simplify.

Our love is alive and well in the forms of taking out the trash, volunteering to change an offensive diaper, or being the one to come up with what’s for dinner, but we decided to read a book together to start out the Springtime with a commitment to finding joy together. I’ll be honest.  We got an hour and a half into the audio book and my interest waned.  We have worked a lot on open communication and are relatively adept at figuring out what we need and asking for it.  I can see how this book would be extremely helpful if you haven’t done that kind of groundwork, but I found it a little watery.

Fast forward to my classic bottom line approach:  If you go to www.5lovelanguages.com, there is a quiz that will tell you what your profile is.  The email that follows the quiz is actually more helpful because it is full of specific examples for all five types.  I had sixes in all areas (not helpful for Tim figuring out how to take care of me) and Tim had a nine in acts of service, which was more helpful for figuring out how to take good care of him in our marriage.  I ended up going through the follow up email and bolding the things that would make me feel loved just to give Tim a more clear list of things to work with and I think that will be helpful for both of us.

So I guess the review on our part is this book has a few practical applications in the forms of concrete examples of what the other person needs, which is always helpful because it makes it easier to implement and work into daily life. I think it’s potentially especially helpful for those of us who needs more literal, concrete suggestions.


Columbian Park and our own back yard.  Tim and I have both commented on how different and better our life feels when it includes walks and sunshine and a happy toddler eating bugs and dirt.  Cheapest therapy out there.

The petting zoo and train are back in action this weekend.  We can’t wait to take Silas now that he’s old enough to enjoy it!  It’s nice living a block from the park.


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