Onarga Weekend

We wrapped up our third week with Tim home by going to Onarga for the weekend to hit up a Masters party and celebrate early Easter with Tim’s family.  Knowing this was probably our last trip before we are a family of four, we were hoping for a really relaxing weekend and it turned out to be just that.

After breakfast with friends on Saturday morning, we headed westward and got there just in time to grab iced coffees at the local coffee shop with Sara.  We got to visit a while before the Masters party at Tim’s buddy’s house and then Silas and I went back to the house while Timmy finished out a euchre game.  Si got to go to the park with grandparents and aunt Sara while I squeezed in a nap and a little reading.  Lovely!

The rest of the weekend involved lots of swinging on porch, bubble blowing, block tower building/destroying, taking walks, and chasing the elusive cat who weighs almost as much as Silas.  Ah, the life of a happy toddler.  We had such good quality time with Sara and Derek as well with an unexpected slumber party.


We didn’t end up with any great photos from the weekend (thanks, blurry phone pictures) but this one of Papa Roger, Si and Elmo was pretty darling.


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