I know that no one is ever really “ready” for the monumental changes that come home from the hospital disguised as a tiny human, but we’re as close as we can get.  Feeling good!

Thanks to the weekend overhaul, baby sleeping spaces are ready, diapers stocked, clothes washed, and hospital bags completely packed aside from the last minute list (yes, of course I have a last minute list).  Yesterday, Tim and I spent six hours working furiously to store or purge random belongings lying around.  We worked mostly in the kitchen and dining room and it feels great!  The result is clean counter tops, clean floors with minimal toys, and an airiness to the house that is so seldom felt these days with mister mess pot doing his thing between naps, babbling away as he narrates his play time.  So sweet.  

Today I am focusing on storing toys with small parts (we have way, way too many wooden puzzles) and also toys that would cause damage if flung at a baby sister (Silas lacks a certain finesse, but is more than willing to share).  Si loves his baby doll and has been practicing pushing her in the swing (gulp) and carrying her around.  He is practicing his sharing with baby E in the afternoons and he loves her perhaps just a little too much, but I love how big his love is for such a small guy.  He is really going to be an amazing big brother.   

Our other goal for the rest of this week is to decide on a few freezer meals, get the ingredients, and actually make them!  I have always loved the idea of freezer meals and we used to have some in rotation, but we have moved away from that.  It’s sort of exciting to think about new recipes!  Plus, Tim is only home for a few more days, so I need to use the extra hands to keep Silas from “helping” in the kitchen.  

We are sort of stalled with home improvement progress this week, but good ol’ Frank is working on patching our plaster walls from shelf removal.  Once we get all the woodwork filled in and walls patched and painted, we’ll be back with an update.  I can’t wait!  I’m also considering white washing all of the wood flooring on the first level since it’s in rough shape.  I may end up liking that enough to not replace them down the road.  Hmmm.  I haven’t told Tim yet.  

So.  Who wants to come visit?  The park is calling!




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