Our Weekend in Photos

We had a really lovely weekend.  Tim ended up staying home from his conference, so he’s been here helping me do major cleaning and baby arrival prep for days on end.  We spent Saturday gathering things for the hospital bag and getting the baby car seat in the car.  I also bought tiny tiny diapers and washed all of her clothes and linens.  Eek!  I felt really anxious all day Saturday.  

Today we had Mary Kay come keep Silas all morning so we could sort through and store our wardrobes that we won’t be using this summer.  It is so refreshing to think about life (and laundry) with a pared down, simple summer wardrobe.  We also rearranged the bedroom to make room for the cosleeping set up for the first few months.  

This afternoon the boys napped while MK and I did some pajama shopping.  I really wanted some pretty jammies for the hospital this time around and Target never fails to disappoint.  I also got a last minute hair cut today which I’ve been avoiding since my favorite gal quit a while back.  It isn’t the best haircut I’ve ever had, but it’s a massive improvement on my super long, super boring hair from before.  

All in all, we’re feeling pretty ready for little bella whenever she decides to appear.  I’ve been diligent about taking it easy during the day and Tim’s still doing all the baby lifting. I’ve also been doing Spinning Babies exercises and some yoga ball stretches with the hope of a head down bambina.  She’s a maniac in there!  I am feeling a little more normal and less panicky about going into preterm labor. 

More about our weekend:  playing outside, DIY Ball jar sippy cup, lunch date with little Blue Eyes, trying on Grammie’s glasses, Silas and Mama belly comparison, blooming tulips, manly snuggle time, and a very pregnant 33 weeks.  We’ve had a head down baby all day today!  Let’s hope it’s a trend.  



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