April: Cooking Time

I don’t know what happened to March, but it’s gone now.  Our goals for last month were to get outside and to make a parenting game plan and I think I can say we succeeded on both accounts.  Not impressively, but sometimes that’s how it goes.  

We spent as much time as we could outside, which ended up being a few sporadic warm days interspersed with a few inches of snow.  We were ready to bid winter farewell this year and getting the fence up last weekend made us even more grateful to feel the first real warmth of springtime, despite the fact that the project began on Saturday in an inch of snow covered grass.  The buds on the trees are tiny but present.  In a few short weeks we will have that familiar burst of green all around, which is always cathartic for the Garner-Ballards.  We’ve spent every day in the back yard since we put the fence up, so I think it’s already a huge improvement to our quality of life here.

Tim and I are feeling better about our parenting approach as Silas becomes more adventurous.  It helps immensely that we have similar gut responses to his actions now, which wasn’t the case last month.  One thing we learned over this past weekend is how sparingly we use the word no except in times of true “no” situations.  We are big on redirecting or saying it’s time to be done with this or that, and that seems to work well for him with minimal drama.  This weekend ended up somehow enlightening Si about using the word “no” and it’s all he says all day long to himself, to us, to his diaper, to the cat, when he wakes up, and even in his sleep.  Ugh.  What happened to our sweet kid?  I’m ready for this phase to be over, but it’s not fading easily.  I’m not giving up.  My will power is pretty impressive with more appropriate conversation replacements, so eventually I’ll win this one.

Let’s move on to April’s goal.  Cooking!  I’m going to start stocking the freezer for meals post baby arrival, but the more important goal is to keep cooking this bun in my oven until at least May 4th when she is full term.  I’m pretty much kissing the idea of a June baby goodbye at this point.  

So, I mentioned I fell down our stairs last week.  Baby looked good and is wiggly as ever, but I had painful contractions in clusters all weekend and a lot of pressure that wasn’t there before.  Monday morning I called the midwife who said to lay low for 48 hours until my Wednesday appointment and see how my body does getting back to normal.  I was diligent about resting Monday and Tuesday, whcih is hard for me.  The painful contractions calmed down and went back to Braxton Hicks, but they’re stronger and a lot more frequent since I fell.  I suspect that’s just going to be the new norm until I meet this little girl.  

This morning I saw my midwife (instead of the one on call Thursday) and it was a weird mix of reassuring and nerve racking.  Tim had been nervous and also a little miserable since he’s been on baby duty with not only Si, but two other kiddos as well this week.  I thought he’d feel better after talking to my super sweet, always reassuring midwife…until we got there and she seemed worried, which made me worried and made Tim even more anxious than he was before.  Bummer.  

Basically, after checks and testing and more fetal monitoring today, I am in the clear for preterm labor at this point and the baby looks fantastic.  No bed rest, but no lifting things like toddlers or bags of groceries or doing anything ostentatious for the next month while I keep the bun in the oven for as long as possible.  Now’s the time when I ask who’s been thinking about coming for a visit.  I could use the company and some baby lifting back up.  Thankfully, my brother, Logan, is going to start staying with me on Monday and Thursday nights when Tim is away, so that will alleviate bedtime lifting altogether.  Still working on a nap time system, but we will figure it out.  

I had visions of warm weather, walks in the park with a stroller and giant belly, and a robust third trimester.  I never pictured myself as the delicate type, so it’s a little self image adjustment to think of myself as less than strong and capable, but we’re there.  Now’s a good time to bring up the March of Dimes, speaking of early babies.  Join Jack’s Pack and come walk with us here in Lafayette!  Well, not with me, but with my other family members.  I’ll be the pregnant one trying not to go into labor.

Tim has a conference this weekend and most of next week.  After that, we’re spending April out back in the yard.  We’re also hammering out some details for the rest of the year and trying to do some big picture planning now that we will be a family of four.  Stay tuned!  Never a dull moment around here.  


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