Our Super Productive Weekend in Photos

We had an amazing weekend! It started early with Kait and Oliver coming Friday morning. Kait was my wingman for taking care of the kids since I was trying to take it a little easy after falling on Thursday. (Baby is fine and mama is sore! But getting better by the day. She needs to remain in the oven for at least five more weeks if possible.)

Saturday our parents all came for a fence raising party in an inch of snow. Hello, Indiana springtime. The dads and Tim did an amazing job! I was so impressed.

Silas and Oliver played and had so much fun. Sunday Tim’s parents stuck around to put a latch on the gate, power wash the deck, hang the tire horse swing in the tree, mulch the flower beds and paint the back door red. Lots of updates this weekend!

We still have more to do but it feels so nice to have the huge fencing project finished. Up next: more door painting, new mailbox, exterior house painting, flower bed and garden creation, and some wall patching and painting inside. Look out! Mama’s feeling motivated.










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