Spring Break

We made it to Spring Break!  A few months back, we planned a 3 day getaway with our friends Matt and Alyssa and their littles, Layna (age 4) and Eyan (a few months younger than Silas).  We have never vacationed with non family people before, but it turns out they are our dream vacation partners.  I will admit a Springtime trip to the dunes was expected to be warmer and include a day at the beach and a hike up the sandy dunes with babies in tow, but I was not disappointed with how it all ended up, even if we capped out at five minutes on a very snowy, very frozen lakefront.

We got to Michigan City and spent about a half hour at the outlet mall (they don’t like shopping as much as we don’t like shopping), ate lunch and headed to the house at the stables we had rented for the time away.  What followed was a lot of transparent and cathartic conversation, good cheese, good (and cheap) wine, ice cream, snow, happy kids who actually slept, and parents who didn’t feel pressure to explain away cranky toddlers or a prolonged span of time wearing yoga pants.

So relaxing and really just what all of us needed, I think.  As we packed up this morning, the toddlers were having an increasingly hard time, so it was a good window for transitioning back to our routine.  I had contractions all the way home, as usual, and the boys both got naps in.  Tim is fighting off a cold and Si is just plain tuckered from traveling.

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3) photo 4 (3) photo 5 (3) photo 2 (2) photo 4 (2)

Today marks the beginning of the celebration of my great aunt Mary’s life.  She passed away a few days ago and was such a sweet, joyful woman.  I’m happy Silas got to meet her and sad the next one will not, but her memory is a good one.  She was so loved!  Hugs to my family today and tomorrow.


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