16 Months

We have a sixteen month old.  Where does time go?  This guy is exponentially more hilarious than he was a month ago.  Check it out.



Favorite foods:  blueberries, gorgonzola, uncured organic hot dogs (gross but true), cucumbers, broccoli, apples, graham crackers

Favorite things:  his Daddy, combing his wicked curly hair (luckily), brushing his teeth, finding bugs, dropping said bugs in the register and then crying because they are gone, chasing MamaCat while squealing at full throttle, playing outside (and heading for the street, hence the upcoming fence project), going to the park, playing with his afternoon kiddos, carrying his baby doll and kissing her, falling down on purpose and saying “ow”

New tricks:  picking his nose, throwing balls, putting lids on/off of any container he can find, hiding toys in boxes and containers and remembering where he put them if you ask for them, unscrewing twist of caps (hooray…not), marching, trying to take things apart and see how they work, getting on and off the pony by himself on occasion, climbing onto the couch, getting off the couch without bonking, singing really loud songs and clapping for himself when he’s finished, running at full speed ahead, babbling NON STOP all day long thanks to big kid influence in the afternoons.  Can’t understand a word.  Seriously.

New words:  “No no no!”, ball, bug (“duh”), baby (“dady”), cucumber (it has a lot of T’s in it and no C’s), ice (with a lisp), “ow”, “uh-oh!”, hair, eye, ear, “whoooa”.  I think it’s safe to say we have a nice handful of speech impediments in classic Garner kid style.  He really is so much like Oliver.  It’s scary sometimes.  And also wonderful because Oliver is curious and so smart and kind.  We’ll take one of those!  I think they’re both naturally geared for engineering of some kind.  Their brains are amazing!

We love you more each passing day, little big boy!


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