Whatcha doing?

We had the most glorious weekend spent mostly outside for the first time this Spring.  We spruced up the yard, Tim cleaned out the storage room attached to the back of the house, and I sorted through ALL of the baby clothes through size 2 which was about 10 totes full.  I have two giant totes of baby goods from Oliver and Si that are ready for their next home.  Sniff sniff

Rog and MK surprised us and came to visit Saturday afternoon, which was lovely!  It’s so nice to have unexpected help on the toddler front, especially when we get in over our heads with projects.  We went to the park and ate some fantastic Greek carryout.  Needless to say, we all slept like babies after the projects and fresh air.  Looking forward to more time in the yard in the coming weeks.  We’ve got some major projects coming up thanks to our parents.  Fence raising, power washing, deck staining, door painting, landscaping, and whatever else we can squeeze in with so much manpower at our disposal.


Sunday we celebrated St. Patty’s with some Irish fare at 9 Irish Brothers.  The boys were dressed the part in their caps, including Si who finally fits into his patchwork cap from Honey and Poppy.  So cute.


This week has been a little crazy, which seems par for the course these days.  I got a really sinus-y cold, my bambina is hanging out transverse breech just like Si did (boo), I had a rib out and had to make an SOS call to the chiropractor (who is just as prego as I am which made for very interesting adjusting), and today I wrapped up the excitement with my prenatal blood panel I’ve been dreading for months.  Tada!  All is well.

I’m a few days short of seven months pregnant.  Holy cow.  Little baby is growing and actually  measuring a week ahead, which is super.  I’m feeling fantastic during the day, contraction-y in the evening, and officially am in the hard-to-sleep phase of late pregnancy.  Two more months.  Can you even believe that?  I can’t.   I had Silas Peter at 38 weeks and I’m wrapping up my 30th week.  My palms are sweating.


So, we have this new tactic for our weekly routine.  It has felt like therapy, chiro, midwife and pediatric appointments have been usurping our evenings and downtime for the last few months.  This week is our first week of doing ALL of our appointments on Wednesdays, which is anywhere from three to five now that I am in third trimester.  It’s a lot to fit in, but our hope is that it makes the other evenings feel more “normal” on the evenings that Tim commutes.  His grad work is delegated to Monday and Thursday nights, which has really helped the limited time at home feel more relaxing.  It helps that a lot of office hours are offered both early and late these days.

Got any tips for making the week seem less harried?   The truth is sometimes life is just hectic and I think we’re there.  It’s a lot going on for two more months until we have a newborn (again) and grad school is finished.

We’re a mere two days away from Tim’s 2 week Spring Break.  YAY!  We will mostly be doing projects around the house to wrap up everything we’ve neglected since November, but we planned a small getaway to the Dunes.  It’s going to snow.  Suuuuuper.  Good thing we’re going with people with whom we don’t mind being cooped up.


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