Loving It

What’s getting you through the last weeks of this memorably intense winter?

Here’s what we’re doing:

1.  Making pretty coffees at home with our decaf Bustelo and some good organic milk


2.  Watching White Collar on Netflix (wrapping up season one)

3.  Opening the windows and doors when it’s above 60 degrees, including today!


4.  Getting out the Spring stuff, decorating with plants, and burning candles


5.  Continuing the pursuit of paring down our belongings, which is just in time for Spring Cleaning if you want to jump on board!  We just found Lasso the Moon’s blog post that talks about getting rid of 100 things in a weekend, so that’s the new game plan after finishing the Minimalist Challenge.  It’s much more approachable for a young family, I think, since we can devote a nap time to finding 50 things each to jettison out of our lives.  Done and done.  

Get Rid of 100 Things Weekend *I am so doing this with the kids

What are you guys up to?  Hope you’re enjoying the warm day before our next round of snow comes tomorrow.  I still love the snow, but I am ready for Springtime!


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