(More) Mama Recommends

So, I forgot a few things for the budding moms.  As we round up baby girl hand me downs, I am remembering more of our must haves.

1.  Onesies/bodysuits

Skip the Gerber and get Carters.  Gerber’s are wonderfully thin, but get really short and wide the more  you wash them.  Combine this with our freakishly long-waisted kid and you’ve got a big stash of onesies that won’t come close to snapping despite being two sizes up.  The Carters ones are a little thicker, hold their shape nicely for layering, wash wonderfully, and come in tons of different sleeve and non-white options!  Circo’s are naturally wider but don’t seem to shrink up, so if you have a roly poly healthy baby, those are nice and thin, too.  Carters for the win in the GB house.

2.  ImuMax

ImuMax is a liquid immune support supplement recommended by my nephew’s holistic family practitioner and it’s priceless.  It’s very sticky and smells hideous, but Silas loves it.  It seems that if you start your kids on it when they’re older, they don’t go for it as well.  Si can’t get enough and is sad when the dose is done.  We give him a normal dose daily through cold and flu season and a double dose twice daily when he’s under the weather.  If we start at the first sign of a puny baby, he’s usually back to nearly normal within 48 hours.  It clears up congestion really quickly, too, although a lot of people don’t realize that chronic congestion issues are often dairy sensitivity, so watch out for that.  You can find ImuMax on Amazon or at a compounding pharmacy.  Our first bottle lasted a year.

3.  Robeez baby socks

Baby socks that stay on are ever the elusive accessory for this mama.  We were handed down a pair of darling stripey Robeez socks (thanks, Keegan!) and it revolutionized the way I pick out baby socks.  They put elastic at the top AND a band around the ankle.  How long did it take people to come up with this?  Far, far too long.  They don’t have quite the cute factor of Trumpette (those are our #2 choice for staying on pretty well while looking fantastic), but we are still singing Robeez’ praises as the best choice.

4.  Target diapers

As far as disposable diapers go, we are nighttime and travel users. Target diapers take the cake for cost and quality.  Luvs are slightly cheaper, but they don’t last all night.  You do the math (while you’re awake changing sheets and jammies) and decide for yourself.  For Silas, who is sensitive skinned, cloth and Pampers prompted crying wake ups all night and delivered short naps without fail.  We couldn’t handle it, but then again he was a particularly awful sleeper.  I’ve known several babies who were cloth diapered and slept fine all night!  Silas just didn’t.

Si can be in the same Target diaper for 12-13 hours with no leaks 6 out of 7 nights.  If he had a night wake and drank a lot of water, we get a leak now and then when he’s on the heavier end of the size he’s wearing.  Tips for nighttime and Target dipes in general: if they’re leaking, the tabs aren’t tight enough OR it’s time to size up.  Don’t give up on them if you get leaks, just tighten the tabs a little for a few days.  We had leaks consistently when Tim diapered him at night, but never when I did.  It took me about a month to figure out it was the tightness factor.  I also found that following the lowest weight on the box was the best for nighttime longevity.  When he hit 20 pounds, we moved to size 4 because they go from 22-37 pounds.  For daytime, he could still wear size 3 for a long time when we traveled.

5.  Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer


For you cloth nappy families, the funky ammonia smell that builds up from pee diapers is like a bad penny.  It just keeps showing up.  (Note that stinky diapers are usually not getting enough water through them or you’re not using enough soap–easy things to troubleshoot!)  When Silas was about 9 months old, it started and I decided to try Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer from Amazon.  We had been using Rockin’ Green detergent (now we use Charlie’s and prefer it, hands down, but it varies by washer and diaper type so experiment with a few).  Here’s the gist:  fill your bathtub with the hottest possible water, toss in all the diapers/inserts and let them soak overnight.  If you want to add a few pots of hot or boiling water, go for it.  The next morning, wring them out, wash them through twice.  VOILA.  Like new diapers that smell blissfully like nothing.  I still can’t get over the difference six months later and we haven’t had to do it again.


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