One of Those Weeks

The last week has been one of those weeks in the GB abode.  The Valentine’s Day dinner debacle and broken blender were followed by an oven that mysteriously stopped working long enough for us to go buy a new one at the tail end of the Presidents’ Day sale and then the old one started working perfectly again.  Yesterday our furnace decided to join the party and make a hideous noise (but is still working, thank goodness).  It’s been an expensive week!  I’m hoping the blender counts as a “thing” with the whole rule about things going awry in threes.

We are wrapping up our first full week of adding two kids to the brood in the afternoons, which has been hectic but really good overall.  Silas loves having a baby and a big kid here for entertainment.  Tim was here Monday and Tuesday, so that helped us get into the swing of things with extra grown up hands.  Si has gotten quite clingy to me in the evenings–he’s not used to sharing my attention–but generally he seems to love having playmates everyday.  Sharing for 5 hours a day is a walk in the park compared to the full time baby about to crash our routine, so I’m glad to have this transition period with him now.  He loves sharing toys with the baby and patting her head and giving her hugs and shouting “hi!” about two inches from her nose.  Big brother in training!

Coordinating three napping schedules has been easier than I expected.  Si’s hanging out in limbo mode between one and two naps a day, depending on the quality and length of his night sleep.  Most days of the week, he sleeps two 1.5-2 hour naps and sleeps twelve hours at night with one or no wakes.  This is raging success after the persnickety sleep from his first year!  We’re happy with it.   If he sleeps an extra hour or two at night, he naps at the four hour mark, but that tends to totally screw us out of a second nap.  Then we have the pleasure of a cantankerous kiddo until  early bedtime, which results in an early next morning.  I actually got all three kids napping/resting at the same time everyday except one in a week and a half so far.  I don’t expect that kind of luck to continue, but it’s nice when it happens.

As we wrap up February, we’re feeling hopeful.  Spring is far from here, but the promise is there.  This week marks four years since Tim and I became friends (followed by quickly dating, getting engaged and getting married by September).  The Springtime is always positive for us, and the winter has been long.  We’re ready.  This Spring is particularly hectic with Tim commuting and finishing grad work while I finish growing a human and chasing another (or 3), but we are looking ever forward to the end of May when the baby is here, the classes are done, and good weather and the farmers market are here to stay.

This month, I totally failed at the squat challenge.  I made it about halfway through the month and then went into transition mode keeping the kids and trying to keep dinner and bedtime functioning as normal.  I will be doing squats into March to finish out the challenge, but I feel pretty lame about it.  I fared much better on the minimalist challenge of getting rid of things!  This week is 153 items, next week 133, then done.  It’s getting really intense at this point!  I am finding, though, that if I ask myself when I look around “would I move this again?” the answer is often “heck no” and that makes it easy to part with the nonessentials that I won’t replace after donating.  Once I finish the last few hundred items, I’ll write a follow up on life with 500 fewer “things” lying around.  I’ll say already that I don’t miss anything I’ve pitched.  In fact, I can hardly remember what they were!

It’s time to think about our March focus of the month and I have no idea what it will be.  Stay tuned, we’ll come up with something.


One thought on “One of Those Weeks

  1. I am happy that it is Friday and you will get to hit refresh on the week! I have been channeling you as we are preparing our basement for the remodel and taking the chance to get rid of this that we really don’t need around – chances are they were in the basement for a reason! We also will have to clean out the office and adjoining closet in the coming weeks which I am not looking forward to but it needs to be done, and minimalized! Love you and hang int there until spring! XO

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