So long, second trimester.


I can’t wrap my mind around the reality that I’m starting the last week of the second trimester.  Whaaaat?   It’s with a grateful heart that I welcome a few pregnancy symptoms because this has been a fantastic prego experience so far.

At my midwife appointment today, I measured right on track and have gained ten pounds so far this pregnancy.  I still feel great!  Last time I welcomed the third trimester because that’s when I graduated from nausea to wicked heartburn.  It was such a nice trade off after so much gagging.

In the last few weeks, I suddenly gained a few pounds and had flashbacks to feeling like a blimp…  It’s time.  I feel puffy, my ring is tight at night and I have a lot of restless leg and hip pain at night like I did last time.  My belly is tight on the lower right side again, so I have been doing some specific yoga moves for that and it’s helping already, even after two rounds.  I’m hoping Bambina GB will be a little less inclined to be transverse or breech like Si was until the very end.  If she is, there’s a great chiropractor here who works Webster Method magic, so I have her on back up just in case.

I’ve had a lot of braxton hicks contractions since about fifteen weeks and they’ve gotten more frequent as my belly grows.   I started keeping the other two kiddos, so having a 5 month old and Silas vying for pick ups is a lot on the ol’ expanding bod. The contractions are making me panic a little that we will have an early baby, but I’m really trying to hold out for a Gemini.  Haha.

All of a sudden this week I am totally scatterbrained.  Pregnant brain is in full force.  I made espresso yesterday and forgot to put water in it.  I forgot to turn on the oven.  I forgot that I was boiling pasta until waaaaay too late.  I call my Mom and can’t remember the three things I called to tell her.  Mama’s losing it.  All in all, I feel calmer about this pregnancy and generally really great, pregnant brain aside.

The beginning of the third trimester is coinciding with our first break in the weather and I’m really looking forward to getting out of the house once all this snow disappears!  Having Tim here to help with carting around and putting Si down is such a lovely reprieve.  I’m looking forward to his breaks from work in the next few months.  We hardly remember what it feels like to spend time outside!


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