15 months old

We have a fifteen month old son.  How did we get here?


Favorite things:  elephants, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, wooden knob puzzles, carrying around and hugging as many stuffed animals as he can hold at once, finding eyes/ears/noses/hair/toes/bellies, reading books, cooking in the play kitchen with various absconded treasures from the real kitchen, playing dinosaurs with his new friend who comes in the afternoons (Si is the velociraptor, but never the T-rex), vacuuming for real or pretend, playing the guitar and piano, playing chase, being outside

Favorite foods:  bleu cheese, blueberries, white beans, ketchup on everything, NOT artichokes, veggie straws

Favorite books:  Pop-up Farm, Goodnight Gorilla

Favorite words:  Anything he hears us say… watch out!  Luckily, he’s super dutchy and unintelligible so far.  He mimics syllables and tone of voice very well (up to three or four) but only actually tries to say the word if it’s one syllable.

He’s so observant.  He will gather multiple toys with elephants on them, or go find several things with turtles on them.  It’s so fun to watch his world expand by the day and discover the connections he is making.  Happy 15 months, Big Baby!


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