Long Weekend!

We are still living out our long weekend.  It’s awesome.  Tim is back to work tomorrow, but he’s been off since the weekend and it was much needed.

Let’s rewind to Valentine’s Day.  I was so excited for a fun, lovey day.  I made a card garland for Tim, I made baby friendly cards for Si to tote around for the coming weeks as he does with greeting cards, I got great cards for the boys…  We stayed in and attempted to have a great dinner, but it didn’t really work out.  I very, very rarely have party fouls in the kitchen, but why not have a romantic holiday go totally to crap if you’re going to have an off day? The new chicken recipe was a total bust, the asparagus and bleu cheese puff pastry was fabulous (but the oven was off while I thought it was cooking, so it was more of a 45-minutes-late deal), and I forgot to buy the dessert I had been eyeing for weeks.  Instead I made smoothies… and broke the blender before it was drinkable.  I appreciated my husband more than ever as he ate everything when it eventually arrived at the table and was genuinely grateful while I was in a teary, disastrous state.  We went to bed at 8pm with Silas, eager to end the day after a long week.  Happy Love Day, y’all!

We had a weekend trip to Indy with Tim’s family this weekend!  Thank God.  Saturday morning we woke fairly early because we neglected to pack the night before.  Anyone who travels with toddlers knows this is a grave mistake.  And so it was.  We got out the door a little behind schedule, drove to Westfield for a craigslist pick up (again–I love my husband–so patient with my statewide craigslisting) in the ice and snow, and ended up finally arriving downtown at 11am instead of 9:30, thanks to the roads.  Matt and Alyssa were in Indy for a weekend getaway and met us much later than anticipated for coffee before we had lunch with Tim’s family.  It’s always relaxing and meaningful to spend time with them and this was no exception, even after a totally nutso morning.

We finally got to see Tim’s family at noon at Hard Rock and the relaxing weekend began.  Thank goodness!  Silas was so sweet and happy to see everyone.  We scooted off to the hotel for a quick swim before naptime (Silas LOVED it).  I wish I had pictures, but on the list of weekend fails was a broken car charger and my neglecting to pack a wall charger.  He’s so very cute in the water.  I felt terribly pregnant in a bathing suit, and just generally all weekend.  All of a sudden I very much feel like the third trimester is here (and for good reason, I suppose).

We had dinner to celebrate Sara’s birthday at Buca di Beppo downtown.  Lovely!  Back to the hotel for some visiting, but when we went to put Si down for the night, Tim and I accidentally fell asleep, too.  Talk about sleeping away your only grownup time.  We were bummed, but sort of glad since we were up in the middle of the night for several hours with a croupy, snotty babe.  Yee haw!  When morning finally came, it was relaxing and laid back.  We had cake for breakfast to celebrate Sara and chatted over coffee while everyone played with Si for a few hours.  All in all, Si was a happy despite underslept champion, the parents got to relax and be off baby duty for a while, and we got to see Sara and the boys and Tim’s parents for a few low key days.



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