Get Lost


If you know us at all, you know Mr. Ballard and I like to gallivant to far off places.  It’s been more than three years since our trip to Rome and our Rt 89 National Parks road trip, and we’re both feeling a little wistful about being landlocked.  As a young family, we are trying to focus on finding not so far off places to visit that are within a few hours from here that still make us feel like we got away from it all but aren’t much more of a drive than a good toddler nap.  We would love suggestions of places to go!

This Spring, we have two quick trips.  In February, we will do a weekend in Indy.  We will meet our friends Matt and Alyssa and company for a Saturday morning adventure and then spend the weekend with Tim’s parents and his sister’s family.  It’s easy to write it off because it’s so close to home, but there is so much to do in Indy, or at least I keep hearing about it!  Again, suggestions for things to do (with a toddler and tween) would be super if you have any.  I’m voting for Goose the Market, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, maybe a little Mass Ave exploring, and some laid back hotel and swim time–and that’s all just for me.  Haha!  We’ll see where we end up.

In March it’s Tim’s spring break.  Yay!  Sadly, it does not coincide with his grad school spring break.  We are doing a trip with Matt and Alyssa and their kiddos to the dunes.  We will be staying in a cabin with stables and are going to spend a few days with great conversation, outlet shopping, horse back riding, sand dune hiking (if it isn’t snowing a la the farmers almanac prediction), and spending time on the shores of Lake Michigan for some fresh air.  We’re excited!  They’re always cathartic company for us.

April will be relaxing the first week while Tim is still on break, and then we’ll be in hardcore nesting mode.  Hopefully we will also have some decent weather and spend a lot of time walking and going to the park before we embark on our adventurous summer with a newborn and a one year old.

In May we’re having a baby (or maybe the beginning of June, if I get my way).  Tim goes to DC to be in his Belize buddy’s wedding mid-June.  Good ol’ John!  We’re so happy for him.  Vacation with the whole Garner gang is the last week of July at the lake and there has been some chatter about doing a long weekend at the dunes with Tim’s family, which we’d love to do.  We need to get that on the books!

Next summer we’ll be adventurous enough to fly with two bambini–we’re planning on heading out to the Pacific Northwest to hit up a few of our favorite far away friends.  It will be our first long trip with kids, which is a little daunting.  For this summer, we’re content to explore the state in which we live and we’re betting we will be pleasantly surprised at the beauty we find close to home.  Dish about your favorite Midwestern getaways!  Go.


2 thoughts on “Get Lost

  1. Loving that you guys purposefully plan trips to places near home. We are terrible at that and only explore if people are in town visiting. Also, so great to hear about a trip to the PNW – it is going to be amazing and we can’t wait to host! XO

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