22 Weeks

We’re wrapping up our 22nd week of pregnancy.  Time is flying!  I had Si at 38 weeks, so it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas the homestretch.  I never understood why pregnancy is measured in trimesters (ok, I know it’s development-based).  I think it’s easier to mentally digest with the passing of 10 week quarters.  I digress.

I went to see my midwife this morning.  I love her.  I’m back up to my pre pregnancy weight as of today. Bambina looks great!  The 20 week ultrasound passed muster with flying colors and I am still feeling wonderful.  By late afternoon I begin to feel pregnant with tired belly muscles from chasing a new walker, but all day long I don’t even feel prego.  I have had a lot of braxton hicks contractions this pregnancy, and they have gotten a lot worse in the evenings as my belly gets bigger and I get busier.

This pregnancy I am craving dairy.  It’s really my only craving.  If you know me at all, you know we eat good cheese, but avoid most all other dairy except on special occasions.  I have always been lactose sensitive, and with Si I had the heartburn of a burly man every time I ate it.  This carried through nursing as well since his reaction to dairy was severe reflux issues that translated to not sleeping.  So not worth it.

Needless to say it creeps me out, but I can’t get enough greek yogurt and string cheese and even organic chocolate milk.  When I mentioned this to my midwife and then proceeded to talk about how I have hives all over my face this pregnancy, she said “Hives from dairy, perhaps?  Lactose sensitivity your whole life…”  Duh.  So we’ll be working on cutting that back a little and see if my itchy face goes away.

Silas is getting ready for the baby, too.  As in he loves the dolly but tries to get in the swing with her.  Haha.  Tim and I have been really intentional about turning everything off and playing on the floor together with him lately.  Maybe this is an effort to preserve just a little snippet of his babyhood, which of course is futile.  But he is so darn sweet and so increasingly hilarious and autonomous.  I want to remember having just one not-so-babyish baby and we are doing our best to make those memories now.

We are also in the middle of weaning, which makes him feel even bigger.  I wanted to nurse him to 14 months, and I was happy that when we actually got to 14 months it still felt right to start weaning.  He was such an early eater of real foods and nearly weaned himself by ten months anyway, but this last round of holiday teething bumped us back into night waking mode.  I’m sure someday I’ll remember the quiet, dark rocking chair time with a baby who wanted nothing more than his mama.  It’s one of the sweetest things I remember over the last year despite lost sleep, crying, a mouth’s worth of teething, and all the other things that come with growing.  I just love him.

Tim and I are feeling pretty good with the start of the new year.  It will be a year of adjustment (again–apparently we like those?).  Life with two kids, learning to like Lafayette, finishing grad school and actually having free time again…  These are all good things.  We are starting the initial round up of baby goods and we even assembled the cradle in the office.  I want to be totally prepared by the time April gets here so that I can relax and enjoy the breaking weather with an already nested nest.

We also picked nursery art and are toying with some nursery projects to make it more sibling friendly space.  Si loves to play up there, but most of the time it’s strewn with clothes or totes or some other in-progress thing.  We will do an updated nursery reveal once we get the new cribs, art hung, and few other projects completed.  It won’t change a whole lot–I’m not painting that thing again!

We’ll just be over here coasting through the rest of second trimester, trying to settle on a name for this kid.  We’re down to a short list, and maybe that’s what it will be until she gets here.  I can’t wait to meet her.



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